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smoked grinders or philly cheese steaks

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eye of round or top round- smoke to 140-150- wrap & rest then thin slice ( marinade or spice to your liking- i prefer balsamic & beer soak)we'll get to that later.
broil or toast @ 450 for 15 mins on a hoagie bunw/ swiss,provalone,& any cheese of your choice.
top off w/ lettuce,toms,slivered bell peppers,red onion,& sliced black olives.
use the juices for au jus & serve w/ bleu cheese sauce & smoked horse raddish dip or basil mayo greek style(hence the balsamic marinade for the meat).or add soflaquer jeff's pulled pork finishing sauce.

wedge out some taters & sprinkle or rub w/ tony cachere's creole seasoning,lowrey's season salt or/and cavender's greek seasoning & spray oil oven cook @ 400 for 45 mins or deep fry
cider vinegar slaw
& cold frosty beverage.i'd actually recommend this w/ a beck's, grolsh,pete's wickedale, or just rootbeer or ided tea.
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That sounds excellent... Experimentation is the seed of all great recipies... And that one is one I will have to try...

Thanks Gypsyseagod!!!
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Sounds good Gypsy. Do they call em grinders down there too?
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we actually have a place that does traditional grinders(named for the italian immigrants in shipyards during ww1 that ground the heads off the rivets for liberty ships-thats where the name came from)but yeah & i just actually thought..even w/ the sides & the greek mayo gyro side i thought would work well- well heck... sofla jeff's vinegar finishing sauce too.....
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Another great recipe from Gypsy.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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i amended the original post w/ another great finishing sauce & beverage recommendations- based upon the flavors.
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thank smokin' joe- he gave me the idea to expand upon an already great thing. now if i could just get anthony bourdain to come hang w/ us for a weekend......
post #8 of 13 our state fair, the grinders are all ground eyetie sausage

good take gypsyseaDOG.........hehehe

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but i am puzzeled, which is easy enuff for mention of the philly cheesesteak?

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icon_mrgreen.gificon_mrgreen.gificon_mrgreen.gif...I do the same thing :) The recipe sounds scrumptious!!
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it's basically the same thing.the cheesesteak camecause ya grilled the meat,onions,peppers,shrooms, & cheese together & threw it on a bun(hoagie roll)- the difference is w/ the grinder is the grinder is a sourdough bun.(as far as i have researched & tasted)plus more fresh veggies on top.
and btw- greek style it was cucumber basil mayo sauce i was thinking of- i gotta find that.
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ahhh.,......greek style.......have to approach it from the rear to eat it........I see............

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