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Baltimore pit beef

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I have the day off tomorrow and I am going to smoke an eye roast for slicing. I am looking for med rare, and I was wondering if I should sear the meat first. A little background....the roast was rubbed 4 days ago, baltimore style and vac sealed in the fridge and flipped once daily, and I was curious about internal temp at "pull time" I was thinking 180 to 190. Any ideas or thoughts would be most appreciated.

also going to do a fatty and maybe some ABT's if my garden will cooperate. My jalepenos look good but i think if I leave them on the vine till the weekend they may get a touch hotter.

Chime in please!!!
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150-160 and let it rest 15 min. Med rare? Rare is what...130? Against the rules... like in the menus "eating undercooked meats raises the chance...Etc.."

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You said you wanted med. rare, but you wanna pull at 190??
Eye roast has little marbeling, meaning very easy to dry out.
I would smoke at 300-325* till 130* internal and tent with foil and give a good rest........should give you a nice smoke with juicy middle.PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
Anything over 150* and you got leather!!eek.gif
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here's a thought on the side for grinders or philly cheese steaks. go to 145-150 & wrap & rest- either pull it or thin slice it(save the juice). sautee w/ peppers,onion,garlic,& shrooms. toast on hoagie buns w/ cheeses of choice & add lettuce, toms,olives, & on the side do the drippings as aujus w/ bleucheese dip & smoked horseraddish sauce. w/ spicy curly fries or skin on wedges & cider vinegar slaw.- just a thought.
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If it was up to me it would get 4 min a side and be served moo'ing but I have others to you guys are thinking 130 to 140 at a temp of roughly 300? This roast is well marbled and i was hoping for a lower temp for a longer smoke. I dont want shoe leather but my audience prefers their meat a bit more cooked. I am in a bind.

Maybe I will order a pizzaPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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ok I am good with the temp...should I sear it first, or not?
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sear it...both the roast and the pizza
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if it's gota "fat round" - a round of fat- i'd sear it quick- if it's bare beef- no need- yer just burning poundage. the idea behind searing is to crust up some hide & keep the moisture in & get that flavor sealed in..if it's a lean cut- it's just burning meat- in my opinion. maybei can't explain it well butif ya evern done a pork roast -floured & braised in cast iron before oven cooking- thats what i mean.
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Thanl you everyone for the input. I am going to give it a try in the AM and i will post pic's of the results.
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