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fried deer meat taco

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or fajita, but i use the loin when making this.

i coat the meat in flour that has Black pepper,Garlic powder and some cookies rub mixed in.
pan fry it and cut it up and put it on a taco shell
good eatsbiggrin.gif
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That looks good chrish! I need to try that!icon_smile.gif
Could you tell me what cookies rub is? Thanks!
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My wfe makes fajitas using deer meat quite often. She'll slice the meat up in thins strips and marinate and cook just lke beef. There good, I'll guaranteeeeeeeeee, (That's a Justin Wilson thing there)
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here ya go
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Looks like a knockoff of Tony C's............taco's look awesome!!cool.gif
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Those tacos look great chrish. icon_smile.gif
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Good job Chrish!!
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Looks nice Chrish!
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Cookies is a local thing here...............good bbq sauce and rubs..........thos some get a bit salty...........
anyone in the midwest will know of Cookies.......

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I'll have to give it a try, thanks for sharing.
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heres a link to there web site
As W.D. said its proble a staple in every house in iowa, icon_biggrin.gif great on wild game plus its made here in IOWA too
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