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When I read the title of the thread it caught me off guard. My uncle sent my mom pic's of the fire from his home in El Cajon yesterday and that was the title of his e-mail. I posted this on our IOKW forum and thought I'd pass his 2 pic's along here.

My Uncle James lives in El Cajon. Early today my mom talked to him and he took a few pic's at 2:30 am from a hill in his neighborhood. The one fire was about 4-5 miles away. She just talked to him again and even though it's not mandatory they are leaving their home in a few minutes.

I really hope they can get this thing contained soon before too many more people loose their homes and dreams.

Here's 2 of his pic's.

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In my imagination... looks like the road to Hell.
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in my reality, it looks like home. i dont think most people realize that california is so big it has the most farmland in the country and darned near the most cattle land. i know that people that arent familiar with our amazing state lump us into a weird catagory of liberal crap......i thought about it...and said it......there is so much money being lost here everyday in just san diego alone, that it might just have a significant affect on our national economy. also, there are over half a million AMERICANS misplaced and in serious trouble. camp pendleton is on fire, over 10000 acres so far, and oh yeah, there is a large nuclear plant right there that the news hasnt seemed to mention. we are not all inner city, hollywood liberals, and i dont see this as god getting any sort of revenge.
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I DID say -some-. I am sorry and feel pity for the plight of the area. Realistically, then... you have made a choice. We all have. I LOVE Michigan winters. Well, moreso now. And our Governer has also affected the US economy in a less than positive way.
Don't take it personally. I don't.
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