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Extreme cold and propane

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Real cold windy weather can affect propane cans and regulators, as can too fast a flow out of the can, causing "ice-up".

As I begin to consider such caveats- in order to avoid trouble with the hybrid Beast-

1> Suppose I construct a long enough supply line for the gas so as to be able to locate my tank/reg assembly inside a heated area. Is there a saftey concern here, other than making sure a good quality, perhaps stainless braided supply line is used?

2> Given the availability of electricity, would a small insulated box for tank/reg combo suffice, perhaps heated with a 100W bulb, or similar heat source?

I know johnd49455 is an expert in the field,and there are probably others who could expound upon these ideas...

Thanks! Richtee
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I must admit I don't know about your Hybrid Beast(I have alot of reading to catch up on) But with my experience with our GOSM, we have never encountered any problems with the propane tank or regulator(somwhat shelterd) and have done cooks when it was in the -0 degree range many times. Went through alot more gas than in fair weather.....but that was about it.

This cook was done when the outdoor temp was -20 to -30 range.

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Brrr... that pict gave me the chills!

Yes, perhaps I am just being anal about the whole thing, but if ALL engineers were that way, alot more bridges would still be standing ;{)

Thanks for the favor of a reply! Hope yer feeling better.
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My propane unit is just on the covered patio by my back door. Last year I did many smokes in -32 degrees without any special coverings around my propane tank. Like tonto .. I did notice that I used more fuel.
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Maybe just wrap some insulation around the tank and supply hose? I'm not an engineer but I don't plan to let the winter hinder me in the pursuit of the thin blue. At least you don't have to worry about keeping the beer cold!
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I'm with Theresa & Cajun _1. I never had a problem with my tanks in the cold. But then again the out side temp was never that cold for me. But I did use more propane then usual to keep the temp. up.
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It sounds like you don't have anything to worry about Rich. Just make sure your back-up tank is full and ready to go.PDT_Armataz_01_21.gif
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