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Smoke a turkey now for T-Giving

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Any problems with smoking a turkey now, deboneing and then freezing the meat until T-giving morning, then heat it up in a roaster?
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i don't see why not.........lots of us freeze the food........IF any is left......
I am sure someone with abit more knowledge will be along soon

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I suppose I would answer it this way: Smoking, deboning, freezing, and reheating would be tastier than waiting until thanksgiving and only cooking it in the oven. However, I personally think poultry is best right out of the cooker, so I think you'd find it better cooked the day of. However, if you're like me and don't want to botch the primary meat source on Thanksgiving, freeze away......and maybe smoke some pulled pork the night before to go along with it!

I think I'm going to try mini-keg-butt turkey this year and see what happens.
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I suppose you checked with PETA to see if this is acceptable? ;{)
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I would think they'd rather I stuck the keg in the turkey's cavity instead of theirs; and It would taste better in the turkey.PDT_Armataz_01_20.gif
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if it was the PETA I belong to.......people for the eating of tasty animals, they would stand in line.........icon_cool.gif

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Hey Dude, I belong to the same group......I may have bumped into you at a meeting and not known it.....LOL
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probably.........i was the one wearing shades

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Ruining the bird is certainly a concern. I am also concerned with cooking time and (the big concern) the weather. I am not real excited about being out there smoking in freezing cold temperatures. So, I think it is going to be this weekend.
My neighbor approached me about smoking a wild turkey for him so I thought I would do it at the same time. Never done a wild one before. Do I need to do anything different?

By the way, how does this quote thingy workicon_question.gif
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just hit the quote button at bottom right.........then hit replay

in the reply window, the quote will show up in a slightly darker colored then type your reply below it......


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Foozer -

It only takes a few hours to smoke a turkey .... brine it and smoke it at 300 to 350 degrees. About 2.5 to 3 hours for a 12 lbs turkey. If you (Dang -I can never remember that word) Swachbuckle it? = take the back bone and ribs out and lay it flat you can do a pretty large bird quickly.

Okay what's that dang word again?
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god sweetheart.........i can always count on your to give me a laugh.........



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Debi & Dude,

Thanks for the info. I think I might try that swatchbuckleicon_razz.gif - spatchcock turkey this weekend.

Thank you.
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