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Where do you buy pancetta without paying an arm and a leg? - Page 2

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i feel your pain smoky........its that way with flank.........used to be the cheapest piece of meat out there............till the werd got out bout turning into its darn near up there with the choice cuts

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Yeah, flank and skirt both went up real fast when fajitas hit the scene.

Do you remember when they sold baby backs as "pork neck bones fpr abput the same price as chicken gizzards. I used to grill a lot of them till some restaurantuer decided to sell 'em and everybody had to go get some. I'm just waiting for the word to get ou about Flatiron steak. Oops
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I know you want to buy it but this is a real easy recipe and it's pretty good. I don't think you can buy a cheap pancetta or proschitto.
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look at you lady........always crackerjack with the great links

prayers sent your way

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As all of you have stated already. Neither is cheap. I don't care much for the stuff and since my father in-law works with it he doesn't like it either.

The prociutto just don't taste right. Not when you are used to Virginia hams.
The pancetta is kinda like canadian country bacon to me. Its just ok.
I will start gathering supplies for the 1st couple of shipments out to those that asked. It may take a couple of weeks. I am low right now since I give most of it away.
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Just had some

I just got back from a wedding in knoxville, and my brother in law bought some at wallmart I think it was 3.00 a pound for four ounces. very thin and salty it was prepacked dont remember the brand they also got some chorizo same brand same price.
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proscutto is not like eatting a ham it's more for ... hmmm dressing things up
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I know, I know. It is supposed to be wrapped around canteloupe or something. Still aint my kind of thing.
Actually it is a ham though. The good stuff comes from Italy. That is where the ones I get come from. When I do get them.
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true American Proscutto is not the same
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Gawd..I have tried... and tried. And cried. Sigh... I WILL not stop trying tho!
had some decent luck with coppacollo tho.
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Have you tried the Len Poli Proscuittos Richtree? They're pretty good.

The recipe on my site (I think) was a mod to one of theirs.

Tis the season for proscuitto fa lala lala la la lala la PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Depending on where you live pancetta can be as cheap as bacon.

I've been making Len Poli's Tasso ham (slightly adapted) for over a year now, and I've made a few of his sausage recipes. He has a great site, but try a small batch of any of the recipes first.

For me, Prosciutto is primarily for making Ragu alla Bolognese, and my recipe stipulates using only Prosciutto di Parma (not just from Italy, but from Parma). I've made it with both domestic and imported ham and I've got to say that there is no comparison.
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