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Where do you buy pancetta without paying an arm and a leg?

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I have lots of recipes that call for pancetta. I almost aways substitute bacon because I (@ the risk of sounding tight) just have trouble paying $6 for 4 oz. of unsmoked bacon. We are short on Italian grocery stores in tulsa (though vey long on Mexican and Asian), so the little corner deli is out.

Does anyone know any tricks on where to buy pancetta @ a reasonable price?
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Have you maybe thought about making it yourself?
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yeah........i just did a google search......doesn't look hard......not like making prosciutto..........if you can make bacon......i am sure you can make this............its not smoked........just cured

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Gee guys, I appreciate the suggestion but this time I just want to do it the easy way.PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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LOVE your sig. btw

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Found thi on the net,Where to Buy Bacon and Pancetta Onlinehttp://www.amazon.com/gp/search.html/ref=br_ss_hs?platform=gurupa&url=node%3D3580501&ke ywords=pancetta&Go.x=11&Go.y=13&Go=Go
For online purchases we recommend buying through one of the reputable dealers associated with Amazon. Their online ordering system is trusted and secure, return policies exemplary and pricing is the most competitive we've found on the net. To shop for pancetta click here You'll also find an interesting selection of bacon: pepper bacon, cinnamon-sugar, cajun, hickory smoked, Danish brown sugar bacon, wild boar bacon, honey BBQ, Duck bacon, slab bacon, Canadian bacon and even assorted samplers. Click here to shop for bacon also my brother-in-law, is looking into finding it for me as he lives in Chicago, I'll let if it works out.
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Hey Okie..I'm 3 days into bacon. want I just send ya a pound before I smoke it? ;{)
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Thanx for the help guys.

Rich, that's quite an offer, but I'd be a bit afraid it might spopil before it gets here. Do tell us all how you make your bacon.
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I'm tight and don't mind saying so. I've substituted my homemade Butt Bacon for panchetta many times and find it's better than the real thing which I can buy here in Houston for $10-20 a pound.
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just cut the leaner portions off a butt, about 1 pound hunks. Garlic, CBP, and onion powder with 1 Tbsp Tenderquick and 1 Tbsp brown sugar per hunk. Individually vacpaked for the week of curing in the fridge. Then...off to the Thin Blue Yonder...heh!
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I get pancetta and prosicuto for free. Along with a large vareity of other sandwich type meats, pepperoni sticks, and salami sticks. I get so much of it I give it away. My father in-law works for Ferucci foods and is a manager so he gets to take a case of whatever when they open it for inspection.
I would be glad to send some your way for free if you paid shipping.
I'm in Richmond, VA.
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PM comig your way!
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Ditto :{)
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Have you tried Sam's or Costco ??
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Sam's is good for prosciutto as long as you don't want the real "di Parma" stuff, but I've not seen any pancetta there.
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You can buy it @ Wild outs here in in town. It's at 41st and peoria.
I don't know what he price is though.

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Okie...have you checked out Sams? I believe I saw pancetta at 1/4 the price as those specialty markets.
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Ye4ah, pretty well everybody has is, they just want like 5 bucks for a quarter pound or something like that. Ever since Mario Batali started using it, every housewife has to run out and get some. The stores treat it like it's magic or something.

I'll check out Sam's again next time i'm in there. Maybe I'll just have to mave to Chicago or NY so I can just run down to the neighborhood deli when I want some.
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My Italian friend said he has the same problem. He lives in jenks, But that's were he said his gets it. If you do find some cheaper I'm sure they would like to know as well.
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Yeah, I have several applications where I'd like to use it, but it's just not worth the extra bucks when bacon and salt pork are a fraction of the price.
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