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Just finished now time to get started

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Hello all,

I just finished building my smoker still need to season it. Just wanted to say what a great site, I've been reading for days now and still have many more to go. I have a 2 burner stove I plan on using for heat source, I've been ready about using a needle valve with my regulator is this still the recommended way of controlling the heat? I have also been looking at a Sentry Propane Burner Temperature Control Valve just wondering if I should be using these in together or not.. Here are a couple pics of what is looks like.. I'm sure I will have alot more questions once I fire it up....

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Is that a smoke room or a man room where your smoker is going to be located? If that is indeed the smokeroom/pit, that is awesome!!!
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Welcome,, WOW thats a nice smoke house!!!
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That is one nice smokehouse you got there. Can't wait to see the Q-view that comes out of there. Looks like you could fit enough meat in there to feed an armyPDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
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Great job! That's gonna be fun to fill up! icon_mrgreen.gif
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thats a room that shouild of had a smoke vent fed into the bottom of it, from a outside fire source........nice job dude

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Great job ... Can't wait to see the Q-View that comes out of that door.
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Most Excellent Job! Is there any vent set up with it? Looks pretty tight. Awesome job... now I want one!
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Welcome to the SMF Familyicon_exclaim.gif

I also am curious about venting on that smokehouse. In order for fire to burn it will need air & so you don't get to much smoke you will need a place for the smoke to ventwink.gif
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I have a 1" air gap in the bottom and in the wood part of the roof in the back i have 2" holes drilled with metal covers that rotate to allow for adjustment
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Smoke House or Bomb Shelter????

Looks Great.. post pics of your smoke...

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