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A day of thanks...

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I want to thank all my friends at the SMF for all their words of encouragement and spiritual support, it really means a lot to me at this time. The doc may release me next week, just depends on some tests. Then I'll be able to to start low & slow (literally), keep the fires burnin' my friends.
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Ahhhh.. so good to hear! Keep thy chin up and thy smoke Thin and Blue Sir Rich!
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We will keep on praying for your recovery. Get better and get smoking!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Glad to hear the positive report. You remain in our prayers.
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I'm glad your doing better Rich. We all have only prayed a few days for you, but we got LOTS of pull with the BIG guy!!! wink.gifbiggrin.gif Be well. Terry
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Hope you feel much better soon!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Just get well. We're all pulling for ya.
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Hey, Rich!

Thanks for keeping us in the know! Very happy to hear of your progress. Proves the Big Guy is listening and helping as well! But we're gonna keep bending His ear till you have a clean bill of health!

Keep your spirits up and the updates coming.

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Wishing you well for a quick and speedy recovery.
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It's good to here from you, we look forward to you gettin back in here on a regular basisicon_razz.gif
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Your still on the Prayer List, Rich 'til you tell me you've had enough! Glad to here that things are going your way!
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Rich, I'm thrilled to hear the better news! Prayers do work! I hope you continue to improve and can spend more time with us here and also doing the other things that you enjoy.
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Good to hear from you Richoso! We got quite a choir group here and we're all singing! Hope we get to have you back real soon!
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