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to pull or chop- i disagree

Poll Results: shredded or pulled meat

Poll expired: Oct 27, 2007  
  • 70% (62)
    w/ your hands,fork,or bear claws is pulled meat
  • 5% (5)
    w/ cleavers or knives is chopped not true pulled
  • 23% (21)
    who cares- i just eat it..
88 Total Votes  
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we all know & when we do pulled pork it w/ a gloved hand & shredding meat like kneading bread easily.....
on some of these bbq shows (carolina & memphis both) they have a dude w/ 2 meat cleavers chopping pork.- thats (in the texas dictionary) chopped or shredded meat.whether it's chix,brisket,pork,monkey.... your opinion....?????????
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It really just does not matter, the taste is the same. Sliced may be different from pulled, but sliced is pulled from th heat when it hits about 180º and pulled pork is pulled from the heat at 205º. How it is pulled will not effect the taste; when it is pulled may effect the taste.
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not sliced mossy.... ya gotta see the shows- they call it pulled, but the guy is mincing it w/ 2 cleavers- thats chopped(in some definitions),slicing is using a carving knife or a slicer.-@ least thats how i get it.- just observations...
watch bbq wars on thetravel channel
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I think that the TV folks get it wrong sometimes, or they are up against a hard time limit, so they "chop" their pulled pork. On a side note, when I was in North Carolina this past summer, the BBQ joint we stopped at in Lexington, NC served the BBQ (pork) chopped or sliced. There was no pretense about calling it pulled. Again I think it's the time factor.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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"Pulled" is Pulled, "Chopped" is Chopped, and "Sliced" is Sliced. I'm sure the taste may be the same, but looks some time is important. Just my 2 cents.
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I like chopped because it takes FAR less time from counter to table; the taste is the same; it's a NC tradition, and By God I love NC; it's the way I like to eat it. A nice tart vinegar sauce, cole slaw and a cheap white bun and I'm all set!
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Pulled is my favorite, pulled right of the chunk (usually while it still in the smoker) right into my mouth. I'm usually full way before it gets anywhere near the table.icon_biggrin.gif
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i guess it's a texture thing.

my .02

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PULLED........take the time and JUST PULL IT.........besides......i don't have two cleavers..............lolol

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Chopped or cut sounds so commercial and impersonal. How can you approach the zen of pulled pork if you do not become one with the pork.
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me and my pork

me and my pork are one just look at my butt
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WOW..........zen and the tao..........all in one day.......different threads.......but WOW..........

NOW this site rocks.........


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I pull mine with my fingers and get all the little bits of fat out. Then I break it up into bite sized lengths for easy eatting.
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I use a fork in one hand and a knife in the other , works well for me icon_mrgreen.gifPDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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2 forks then pick back through it with hands to get the fat out
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lmso- me & my pork are 1.... i dang near spit tea all over the 5th monitor i bought this month.......as the chinese say... "the tao off puwing poak"....or shall i justsay " sqweee!!!!!"
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I've done it all...chopped, sliced, pulled by hand and with bear claws. We now regularly use the bear claws for hot butts fresh off the smoker mainly because it puts on such a nice show for the folks standing in line, and it's much quicker than hand pulling not to mention it keeps the few nerve endings in my fingers but burning off handling the hot meat.

In some areas of the south that I've experienced namely certain areas of the Carolinas and a place that I visited in Paragould ARkansas, they literally throw the butt in a big round chopper known in the restaurant business as a "buffalo chopper". Now whether that's named after the city or the animal I'm not sure but I will tell you this. Two minutes in that chopper and the meat is more like a pulverized version of pork than the hand chopped version. This is what us northerners refer to as the "tunafish" pulled pork we all so disapprove of traditionally. Part of our reasoning is that you can't eat a pulled pork sandwich and keep your hands on a steering wheel after you've picked up your lunch at the bbq pit drive through without the tiny bits of meat just falling out the bun at lightning speed. We found more of the meat on our lap than was left in the bun by the time we were down to our last bite.........while taste is unaffected by the version of dissecting the roast, I'll take a pulled roast anyday over chopped just so I can hang on to the darn thing and ingest every morsel!
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I pull my pork... I guess that could be misconstrued into something slightly off topic... PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif

Butt anywho, I prefer pulling to chopping or slicing. I use my fingers and a fork, removing excess fat while I am pulling.
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That is dang funny!! icon_lol.gif
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If you check your local BBQs you will find that most really dont have pulled pork. They chop it for a couple of reasons. First they only cook it till 170' is hit, secondly is a time factor. I really dont like the chopped as it is usually very chewy and not as eye appealing as the pulled. Also talking with most of the local roadside BBQs the really don't know what pulled pork is.
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