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Asparagus haters TAKE HEED!

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OK, I know yer out there... a current thread proves it. Indulge me with $2.50 and check it out:

Trim 'em within 6" of the top, wash and set aside. Fire up a skillet on low with 1 large clove chopped garlic and EVOO. Insert the "A" word. Add a little CBP after about a min. of the sautee'. Remove from heat after 2 min. DO NOT BURN GARLIC.

Get some breadcrumbs <I prefer Progresso Italian> and parmesean cheese, fresh grated if ya can, and mix 50-50, for about a cup and a half total. Add a bit, maybe a teaspoon of rosemary, and a few healthy cranks of CBP and a teaspoon of kosher salt. Set aside.

Wipe a baking dish with EVOO and coat bottom with a thin layer of the breadcrumb mix. Then alternating tip directon- lay a layer of the "A" word on top. Grate a bit of mozzerella on top, then more crumb mix. More "A" word as before etc... till out of something. Top with maybe 6 butter pats and mozzerella to cover.

Bake covered at 350 for maybe .5 hr, look for bubbles. Uncover and give it 10 more min to crisp up on top.

I defy you to hate this...money back guarentee!
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Rich that sounds absolutely delicious. Would you mind terribly if I included a bit of crisp chopped bacon during the layering?

Thanks for sharing and I already love the stuff when I can get it reasonably. Will be producing my own soon.

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crap..........another thread without a spew alert...............


drown em with cheese sauce..........

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asparagus is one of life's pleasures....cream soup, sides, grilled, steamed, baby ones, fat ones.....lotsa butter. It's those brussel sprouts I can't understand!
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minature cabbages


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brussell sprouts- best frozen solid & used on pesky neighbors w/ a wrist rocket . or considered buckshot for a potato launcher.... icon_twisted.gif

p.s.- there's yer spew view wd.
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this sh*t is getting old.........i am running outta handy wipes

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I do not like them Sam I am
not even with bacon or a can of spam
I do don't like them in my skillet
cuz in the dumpster I'll have to spill it
I do not like them Sam I am
no sperrygooses in my pan! icon_mrgreen.gif
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heheh.......good one debi

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Works VERY well, Sir..I have done that. Or even between layers MMMMMM bacon!
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now evoo garlic/bacon over artichoke drenched w/ butter in a water steam pan on the smoker...
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OK...fine. I'll not eat green beans. Or yellow. Or pink if they come up with 'em.

I understand, Sam I am.
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i'll try fresh asparagus that way- i was forced as a kid to eat pickled ones- ugghhh scarred for life...
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OKay Rich I'll eat your green beans if you eat my sperry gooses PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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that WAS good, wasn't it!! wink.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Terry
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The only veg I don't like are the ones in cans. Fresh asparagus on the grill with evoo, s&p, and lemon juice. My fav! I will have to try your recipe Richt
Brussle sprouts sauted with some olive oil and stock with crumbled bacon... YUM!
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Try any of those vegies with Hollandaise sauce!!
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Sperry goose...LOL! OK Ma'am, just don't let Ma see us tradin'!
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I actually like them a little raw but they get kind of sweet cooked.
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Richtee, that sounds great, I happen to like A(word)PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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