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It's Bacon!

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I started my first bacon this afternoon. Started a 5 lb Butt.
I used Basic Morton's Sugar Cure 1 T per pound with 1/2 teaspoon sugar per pound then I added 1/2 teaspoon brown sugar per pound and 1 of pepper, and 1 1/4 teaspoon of seasoning.
I then boned out the Butt and found out that my boning skills suck. I ended up with 2 pieces of Butt, Live and learn. Then I rubbed the cure into the meat and put it in a food savor bag and stuck it in the fridge.
Here is some Q-view of the starting process.
We'll see how it is in 7 days, then hopefully I will smoke it next Sunday.
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your bacon should be fine boning a pork butt is kinda tough it takes practice to get it right thats ok it will still taste great
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do you have to bone it?

i mean.......some hams have bone in?
also.........did you stitch inject? or just using a suface cure?

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Hi WD,
I surface cure.
Is that a problem????
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no clue......never done one........was hoping for more info.......been following some bacon threads here...........

check this link out

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Interesting Reading.
I have read through all the posts under the Bacon Heading on this site. I got quite the education eek.gif, there is a lot of info to digest.
All so I studied the recipes on Deejaydeb's site.
I guess I could have broke down and sent away for the High Mountain Cure, but were is the fun in that.
So I took all the info I picked up and sorted out the basic steps and thats where I came up with using the external cure, it's my take on Buck Board Bacon.
As far as external curing?
It seems that the external rubs on Butts seem to take 7 to 10 days with a flip of the Butt/Pork Belly/Loin half way through the curing time.
If I was doing Ham I would have stick injected and used a brine.
According to the instructions from Morton's, the Sugar Cure it is an external cure, where Tenderquick is more for brining ( but not necessarily in all cases).
So I just followed the instructions from Morton's for use to make regular bacon with a few more flavors added, I will be trying to make Canadian bacon next week, using the recipe from Morton's and a pork loin.
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ahhhhhh...CRAP.........thats right......bacon..........CRAP
my bad.......sorry............bacon not ham..........CRAP wd........READ the thread title............sorry............CRAP

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Thats OK WD, don't take it so hard icon_lol.gif.
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I have boned about 8 butts in the last two months. Some for sausage and the last one for buckboard bacon.
I make a cut lengthwise paralell to the and down till i hit bone then using a small very sharp knife, i work my way around to cut the bone out of the butt.

Is this the correct way??? I DONT KNOW. Its a pain in the butt butt it works.
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great sausage recipes and meat curing book by rytek kutas has pics of how to do it you may also find something on the web on how to debone a pork butt there also may be instructions in the hi mtn bbb cure i cant remember
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Wise decision!

I sooo agree!

Not at all. TQ is used in many recipes for a "dry cure".

Sounds like ya got a handle on it OK... post results!
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Good luck Ron! I'm sure it'll be fine. Sometimes when I use butts I cut it i half for a thinner piece of meat. Thinner buckboard taste more like bacon IMHO. Thicker tastes more like ham.
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Scotty: Thanks for tip. I'll try it next time.

SalmonC: Thats were I got the directions to try and d-bone.... I made a mess of it. After I cut around the bone on the round side, but on the blade side of the butt, There wasn't enough meat so I ended up trying to butterfly the bone out.....thats when the war started PDT_Armataz_01_35.gif. Butt 1 Wilson 0.

Richtee: Thank you for all your help.

Deejaydebi:Thank you for all the info on your site. I have 2 pieces curing now, 1 thin long strip and one small round piece, so I guess I got the best of both worlds smile.gif

I was amazed at the amount of info I was able to get from the Bacon Forum, You all made it sound so easy, I would have never tried this with out all the good info.

I'll post some Q-view when it's done.
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Looking forward to seeing your results Wilson!icon_smile.gif
I cure loins to make canadian bacon using morton's and sugar as a dry cure. I have had no problem with the cure penetrating the meat in 7 days time.
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I have some Canadian Bacon curing in the fridge as we type. I can't wait to get it smokin and try some.
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Well guys just don't forget to show the final pictures and Good luck. Once you've done it once you'll wonder what the worry was about. icon_mrgreen.gif
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