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turkey/ butt

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I am into my second month of smoking. I have a turkey and 2 butts on right now. using white oak and apple wood. I have the thin blue rolling and it smells great. I brined the turkey using deejay's site as a guide for the recipe. I have used jeff's rub for the butt's and have some of his sauce made up as well. I guess you could say I am a product of this site. Well just wanted to jump in and see who else was cooking this weekend. Thanks for all the help everyone has given over the past few weeks I have put it to use and will be joining Jenny Craig or maybe Weight Watchers real soon. HMMMM wonder if they have any forums. happy smoking to all and to all a good bite. Scott.
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Plan on brining a turkey tomorrow, smoking on Sunday.
Also plan on getting some jerky cut up and in the cure for smoke on Sunday. Some where in between smoke some paprika peppers and hubby wants to do some smoked japs...
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I'am hoping to smoke a chuck roast on Sunday. Been about two weeks since I have been able to fire it up and I am starting to get the shakes!! Let me know how the turkey turns out, I haven't done one yet and want to do one for the holidays. Enjoy!!
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I'm just finishing my first month and having a blast. Every time I leave this site I have new ideas and huge hunger pains.

I'm going to smoke my first butt tomorrow. I'm also doing ABT (a must), a couple of fattys, baked bean and I'm going to try the twice baked potato. I think I just ran out of room in my smoker.

I was going to smoke a turkey last weekend, but my son wanted to rotisserie it so I brined it overnight. I was great.
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I can't wait for the Q-view.
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I need some q view help. How do you do it. I have been trying to upload some pics for a hour cant get it to work. I am not computer literate that is for sure. I was just going to add them to a post but cant figure out how to do that either. help if you can.
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Set up a free account with
Use thier easy to use photo uploader.
Above the photo is a little resize button that allows you to resize the photo to forum size with one click,
Beside the photo are a few text boxes with different code. Click the img (image code) to copy it.
Paste it into your post here.
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Scottdove, I'm Q'g two butts and two boneless turkey breasts on Sunday. Haven't done boneless before. Saw a site where the butcher deboned and wrapped in netting to keep it together. Will do a simple sugar/kosher salt brine. Supposedly it will resemble what you would buy at a deli counter.

Can't wait!
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I'm smoking my first turkey tomorrow, gotta practice for Thanksgiving!
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Good luck on the turkey. Be sure and brine it. This site has made me a "must brine poultry" smoker.
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I'm doing 2 butts (my first crack at a butt) and 6 racks of ribs for a work function.

Smoke on!
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here are some pics of my set up and current smoke
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royal oak is the maker. came from walmart.
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Looks good Scottddove. They had one a Lowes about like yours on clearance for $127 and I opted to get the vertical propane for $99 because of space. Kinda wished I went the other route. I'll probably get a wood burner this spring unless I find another on sale.
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Nice job scottdove! Is it time for supper yet I'm staved! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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thanksgiving came early at my house. My wife is slowly but surely getting hooked. She dont even usually like turkey but she ate some of this one. The pulled pork put it over the top she said no need to go to rib country anymore. I think I will try a brisket next any ideas of comments on a first time brisket. As a matter a fact what is a brisket anyway. oh and deejay I will be having pulled pork and turkey for severl days to come so come on over. scott
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I'm like your wife I guess. I never really cared that much for turkey until I did one in a rotisery oven then even more when I smoked one.
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