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long time reader, first time poster

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Hi everyone, I have been reading this forum for a while and have used some of the tips and recipes from here. As a matter of fact I will be making Dutch's pork loin with Mahogany sauce. I plan on smoking a few heads of garlic at the same time. My question is; Can you freeze the garlic?
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hey...Welcome to SMF! I assume you have already done the 5 day ecourse, and stuff, as you've been poking about a while.

I don't see why ya couldn't freeze the garlic. Never tried, make mine fresh, but like freezing anything, get as much air out of the packaging as ya can. I LOVE my foodsaver. Only way to go for long term food preservation/freezing. Then just warm it back up when ya need it.

Anyone else done this?
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Welcome to the SMF, how are you cooking your garlic?

I have only had one food saver, and it was quickly thrown away with how poorly it performed. I guess it was just a bad apple if you love yours so much
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I have heard the older and lower line ones were not that good. I bought the $220 "pro" model. Has done very well so far.
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We're on our 3rd Food Saver. All have worked well. We just updated and passed the older units to the kids.
PS: Welcome to the SMF.
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welcome to smf.glad ya finally chimed in.
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I have a foodsaver and plan on using it for the smoked garlic. I have been stocking my freezer with smoked goodies for the winter, before it gets too cold for my GOSM. I have 2 briskets, 4 racks of spares 3 turkey breasts and 5# of pulled pork, all broken down in about 2 pound portions. Every thing is vacupacked. I just wasn't sure about the garlic.
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Welcome to the SMF. smile.gif
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just smoking the garlic whole?
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Yes I will be smoking them whole. I cut the top off drizzle a little EVO on top and smoke for 3 hours. Makes great mashed taters.
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Heck, I just put a bit of butter and a clove on a slice of bread, schmear it round A dusting of parmesan and toast for some great garlic bread! Maybe a touch of rosemary/thyme too...
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That sounds real good,,,, Now I have to buy a bunch more garlic.
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I make compound butters and freeze them....I combine my smoked garlic with the butter, a little salt, some chives (any dried herbs I feel like at the time)....roll into a log and wrap and freeze.

Just have not tried freezing the garlic alone. If you give it a try, let us know how it turns out!

Richtee, that DOES sound good!:)
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That's it man! Keeps vampires away too, so "they" say. Whomever "they" are anyway. Ever wondered 'bout that?

I'm half Dago, and would die without my minimum intake of 2-3 cloves a day hehehe...
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Easy too, Cowgirl. That's ALWAYS a good thing in our waaaay too busy lives sometimes.
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I hear ya Richtee!icon_biggrin.gif
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Hey... try reducing cup of a tart white wine to maybe a quarter cup and add that to your compound butters... it's really nice!
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Oh great; now I have to buy even more garlic. HEE HEE
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LOL! Keep us posted and take lots of pictures!

Richtee.....that sounds really gooooood! Thanks for the tip!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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<WARNING!! Shameless bid for rep points follows..>

You are welcome ;{)
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