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What a great idea, these flavor matchups. Orange and duck, lemon and fish! I never thought about it....some relatives of mine have massive citrus plantations in central FL. Looks like a road trip is order.......I betcha I could talk some local fine dining places in to paying for the trip, too.
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Hey Fudley, did you get my check for the wood?
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Debi,I liked the citrus wood when I lived in FL,we used it all the time.Of course it was everywhere so why not.Citrus is good but your a real Peach.
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Aw David you are so sweet! I do like the orange. I'm using nectarine tonight for my Smoked turkey.
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Ron50, thanks for the heads up on the orange wood. I would say that within a 7 mile radius, this area was nothing but citrus orchards at one time. We still have plenty of orange trees in the hood, so I'm going to hookup with some local gardeners for trimmings.
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The orange was excellent. I'm saving the little I have left for the Turkey Day smoke. I might have to start experimenting with the less common fruit wood as well: nectarine and lemon come to mind.

Anyone ever use tangerine wood?
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Ron -

I just used the tangerine last night for the first time on my turkey lunchmeat. Sure did smell good! I only ordered a 2 lbs box so I don't have much. You can really smell the tangerine. Gives the same orange color - can't wait to try it. I'll probably slice it tomorrow night I'll ley you know how the taste is.

Haven't used the lemon yet.

if you get it from that place you sent me - I don't know if it just that batch or a common thing but it pops alot like tiny firecrackers! Be careful with it!
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