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Orange wood

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Well I just got my order of orange wood. The plan is to use it on Thanksgiving for the bird. Since I use orange juice in my brine I'm thinking the orange wood should enhance that nicely and it is supposed to give the bird a nice golden color.

This stuff is pricey! The best price I could find is $9.99 for 2 lbs of the stuff and that doesn't include the shipping! It looks like a nice dense wood so hopefully it's not a fast burner. I probably have enough for 3 smokes of birds, maybe more if I mix it with some cherry. I'll do a test run with it in the next few weeks and probably save the rest for turkey day.

Anyone have an experience smoking with orange wood?
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Orange wood

Hey Ron50,

Bud from Sunny Florida. In answer to your question concerning orange wood I smoked chicken breasts, baby back ribs, a fatty , can of spam, Italian sausage and some pig candy last weekend and could not believe the color and wonderful flavor it imparts to the meat. I had a friend of mine cut down 3 orange trees and I wound up with all the wood which is well seasoned. if you or anyone else needs any I will do it just for shipping cost.
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Ron -

I used a bit on my turkey last Sunday it was quite good but DAMNED expensive. They charged me $41 for shipping for 24 lbs of wood!

Bud my man I'd love to take you up on that offer! Send me a PM please!
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Bud: That's very generous of ya. Thanks,

Debi: Did you get that nice golden color too?
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Yes but not as much I only used a few pieces, and the sugar in the rub really darkened. I used mostly hickory and apple which I don't pay shipping for icon_lol.gif Still tweeking Shelly rubs - to much sugar for a heavy or a light rub with charcoal.

I want to try cherry and orange on a duck bet that'd be terrific! 2 lbs is not much wood.

One thing I didn't like about that place is you don't get the shipping until you already give then your credit card info.
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Hey Bud,

That's very generous. Please send me a PM. How much to Panama City, Fl? 10-20 lbs.
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I have heard that it is great to use.

I will have to send an email to my brother and have him save me up some... he had at one time about 200 trees. But the cold got them a few years back and now he is back to abt 20 or so.

I think I will get me some grapefruit as well. Anyone try that?

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Hmmm... very cool. Gonna go take a quick look for UPS ground charges. Shipped like 12 lbs of cherry to Tx a while back, was like 16 bux I think...from MI.

On Edit: OK, 15 lbs from Sarasota 34232 to Mi 48362 was estimated at $13.29 ground. If you would not mind, PM me your address, and I'll mail a check for $15 with a promise to cover any additional if somehow I did this wrong..
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If you can send me a pm that would be great. I can;t send you one because you have them disabled.
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Did you order the lemon wood too?
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Bud, Could I save you the trouble of shipping and pick some up? 5lb or so?
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I would love to get some from you, I would gladly pay you extra for your trouble. I look forward to hearing from you.
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Ok guys Just got home from work.I turned my pm on and will get back to all of you as soon as I can....Bud
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Ron -

I got 2 lbs of the orange, 2 lbs lemon 1/2 cubic foot of nectarine 2nds and 1/2 cubic foot of apricot.

Haven't tried the lemon or nectarine yet but I get a little bit of apricot trimmmings from my dwarf tree and it's really good with pork roasts, chops and hams.
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Orange wood

Ok here's what I have, I have little pieces and I have big pieces they are about 6 to 8 inches long and very well seasoned. This batch is from a Naval orange tree. PM me some zip codes and amounts and I will see what I can do.For those of you that would like to check for yourself my zip code is 34243.

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Hey fellow smokers if there is any one I forgot to reply to about the orange wood please forgive me and PM me. Vlap came over yesterday and picked some up and finally got to meet him. Cool guy

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Orange & Grapefruit Woods

Damn I feel bad now i get by the puck-up load out here LOL. But you will be happy it.icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif
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I'm still looking to trade apple, maple, cherry, pear, Wolmanized... <just funnin'> for pecan and other non-indigenous to MI woods :{)
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Ron -

Trying some nectarine today. It's a real smoker! Just doing bacon and crisp-x right now so I won't be using the lemon yet. I think I'll save that for fish.
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The orange is smelling great right now. The turkey breast is cooking very well.
The fattie should be close to done in the next hour.

Can't wait to try out some orange smoke. Thanks again BUD!
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