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Heya, Rich!

Been missing your great posts! Sort of a let down to know that you are not well. But we're gonna fix that right fast!

I am joining the other folks in offering prayers for you and sending smiles, the best energy, your way!

Get back on your feet in a hurry! There is a place set for you here that will always be only yours!

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Take care of yourself Rich. I look forward to the day when you can be back with us full time. You are in our prayers.
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Hi Sweetie -

Glad you are doing better, I was wondering where you were off to. You know you got my prayers too hon!

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Glad to see ya back Rich, hope you get back to norm soon bud .
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get well soon sir
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I am w/Blackhawk .......... I was wondering where that sombrero wearing red chili had been hiding out. Hope to get you back full time .... Bribe the Doc & Nurses with a Brisket or pulled Pork Sammie!
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