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Gravity Feed - Stumps Smokers

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I have had a few questions about how the gravity feed system works, so I thought I would post this link here (may be in the archives anyhow, I have not looked) to help explain the gravity feed idea that is used in the Stumps Smokers and others like it.

Going off the whole "picture is worth 1000 words" idea. Don't mind answering questions, but felt that this showed better what I was trying to describe.
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Good post! I really liked that model smoker.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I can honestly say that I don't regret getting mine.
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For sure, if I could convince the Alice I'd try to find one.
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Get one and get rid of the vertical you got and see how long before she notices. LOL Then stand by your guns when you tell her that it was the same one you always had. LOL
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PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif Hmmmm
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Onteresting idea. Thanks for posting it!
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Ahhhh...Sweet! Thanks, Joe. I have a new plan for my next smoker....grin.
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If you get to building (or even if you don't) and have questions or need more details, just PM me.
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Tanks, Bud. it's an interesting concept. I guess the fact that no air is available at the top prevents a total flame-out in the loading column. brilliant!
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That smoker is as close to "set it and forget it" as a smoker comes! Incredible how it worked. Maintained temp all day long. You could bake a cake in that smoker as if it were an oven. Now they just need a big window on the front so you dont have to open the door to peek PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif
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"The Beast" has that. I just hope it'll take the heat and not shatter with 100 Lbs of ribs in it... PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif
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If you hook a guru/stoker to it, then you don't really even have to tweek it, set the temp you want and move on...............just make sure you loaded the chute with charcoal, but a chute full (about 10lbs of rancher briquettes) will run around 18 hours at 250 is almost boring.
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That would suck
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I'm gonna temp-proof it of course... 350 maybe for a hour or so, but as an engineer, I am aware of something called "cyclic stress"...wherein after X cycles, something lets go... ARRRGGHH
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That's the coolest thing I've seen in a long time ...... but come on, an electric knife !!!!!
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Having built a clone and used it for several months now these are great cookers.I havent used an assist yet(Stoker or Guru)but have had very consistent temps and have done many overnite cooks and its within 10 degrees of where I left it the nite before when I get up in the morning.One of the cloners ran his last winter in Canada at well below zero for for 16 or 18 + hours on 1 chute of lump.I am in the process of building another with some design changes and if it works like I hope I am going to build another mount them on a trailer to do a few comps.If you have some basic fabrication skills you can build one of these.For those who can afford to buy one they are a great cooker,as any thing thats well built you get what you pay for if you want a nice year round cooker these are great.
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That is a cool lookin smoker. What does something like that cost?
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I believe that they Start in the area of $1995.00 give or take a little.And then shipping.
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The new ones come with the stoker built right in......that is part of the reason the costs went up with the new line they have out. The don't make or sell the ones exactly like are shown in the video anymore. Redesigned a few things, but the basic concept and functionality are still the same.
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