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free deer meat in waco

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looky here. i might call him up.
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I am very fortunate. The ranch next to where I have been working all summer is about 50 sections. They are also in the "Managed Lands Deer Program". I have been assisting them with this program for the past 3 years. This year the TP&W recommended to take about 250 doe off the place. This is down from years past, so we are making headway to get the deer population down to 1 deer/20 acres. We give them away to anyone who asks, the game wardens give them away, but it is just hard to get rid of that many deer in such a remote, sparsely populated area. I have 6 boned out myself at this time. I need for the weather to cool off here is Texas so that the sausage making can begin.
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do you ship?


we have so many deer here in iowa, they are allowed to hunt IN the city limits to try to thin the herd out.........the only real natural predator here a car doing 55mph

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I'm with you Walkin Dude...I'll even pay for the processing and the dry ice to keep it cold and fresh. Hate to see such good meat go to waste. Man, sounds like a business opportunity to me.
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We have that problem too Dude, but no hunting in the city limits. They've built so many yuppy villages in the country the poor things have no place else to go.
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its getting REAL bad in the outlaying 'burbs.........idiots FEEDING the deer......"Their SO cute...lookie kids, see the pretty deer"

and can't figure out why their gardens and flower beds are crap..........go figure........

ONE suburb is making it ILLEGAL to feed the deer in their back yards........we are getting em in the down town nite.......running thru plate glass windows..........entering the big box discount stores in the out lying areas..........

Iowa.......where the tall CORN grows.........go figure

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i talked to the guy today. he is on a lease with other guys. they have to take at least 120 deer this year. they ( or he) will call me when they have a deer to give away. i will meet them here in town, and put it in my truck. i then have to take it and get it proccessed. i talked to my bro, and he will go in halves with me.
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That is good Chris. You may as well get a couple at least. Deer meat is good.
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I agree with goat... get a couple if you have the room.

That's a good find Chris.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Guys, I live just south of Champaign, Illinois and will easily have 2 deer in a couple of weeks that are free for the taking. I have so much meat right now in my freezer from my elk trip that any deer I take will be donated. If you want to make the trip down then they are yours!

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The sad thing is they won't let you donate to the soup kitchens because their not USDA inspected. I friend of mine did it last years and instead of a big thank you from the govt for helping he got fined for distributing uninspected meat. Go figure!
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Cool Griz.. I'll do a lil emailing. Have relatives that way.
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Are deer protected in the U.S ?. Is there open/closed seasons when you are able to cull them ?

Here we have red deer and Fallow along with smaller numbers of other specis and they are classed as vermin which threaten New Zealands agricultural industry.
The Govt tries to control them with 1080 poison drops but this is itself creating major problems with hunters.

I was under the impression deer were fairly scarce in your neck of the woods.
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There are seasons to hunt deer, along with alot of other animals, in the U.S.
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Last count the DNR had here...............8.5 million deer in Michigan
Scarce................i don't think so!!biggrin.gif
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Niiice. Sheesh. They really poison them? And then people hunt them too?? Yeesh!

Well, from the number I see dead on the local roads, nope. Dodged one Monday AM. Silly buggers.
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PDT_Armataz_01_42.gif Archery hunter here that will travel to help with those deer populations. icon_mrgreen.gif

Deer meat is excellent. PM sent Griz.
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8.5 million deer, amazing.

Our govt is determined to control bovine tuberculoses which is carried by deer and possums (mainly) so they have helicopters dropping 1080 pellets in both native forrests as well as pine forrests.
It does kill the possums and deer but also anything else that goes near it (including some of the rare and endangered birds).

It is a very unpopular practise, hunters shooting at choppers etc.

The NZ Deerstalkers Assoc is trying to gain control over deer numbers and have hinted that they will use the seasonal hunting approach.

We get a lot of people (particularly Americans) coming here (costs between $5-$10,000) for trophy heads so feral deer are worth a lot to the NZ economy.

Poison sucks imo.
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