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Happpt Birthday!! Hope you are feeling better.icon_biggrin.gif
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Thank you all so very much for the birthday wishes and the well wishes. Doc says i'm coming along ok....just takes some time.

We are offf to our last comp of the year (Libertyville IL) Bud, Bubba and Geoff(crewdawg) will be doing most of the work.....Bud says he knows I'm getting better cause i'm starting to boss everyone around again..lol

There are so many folks i haven't gotten a chance to say hello to and I look foward to typing at ya'll soon.icon_wink.gif

Again, thank you all, you make me feel like family!!!!!

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Happy Birthday, Theresa!

I was beginning to worry about your condition but upon hearing that you are slowly gaining on "Boss Mode" I know you will be totally recovered soon!

Good luck on the comp and I just know that you will be 100% before long.

Sending my best!

Lotsa love
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Happy B-Day & Good luck at the comp!! Keep Boss'n 'em around .... that group will need iticon_biggrin.gif
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Happy Birthday Theresa! You keep those boys walking the chalkline now!
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Tonto, glad to hear you are getting better, and everyone knows someone has to be BOSS, so go girl. Have a Happy Birthday and keep up the good work. Steve and Rhonda.
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