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Woke up this mornin and found the site

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Hi guys!!!!!!! My name is Freddy and I just found this site. I will be also firing up my GOSM in a bit. I have a couple of chicken quarters, pork loin, ham hocks for today. I also will be trying out a Fatty for the first time. Never thought of it before so I have learned somethin already.
Just wanted to say hi!!
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Welcome to the forum. Glad you found us.

There are several of us in the Tampa area. I am in Land O Lakes (but work in Tampa). It is a shame you did not find us a couple days earlier, you could have come on over to the get together we had on Saturday.

Happy to have you here, happy smoking.
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Hey Freddy, welcome, great site to learn alot from.
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Welcome aboard Freddy, glad you joined us! Don't forget to sign up for Jeff's free 5 day ecourse... it is chocked full of great info.
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Welcome! Glad you found us. Tampa, you missed the Smoke out! So what do you do at MD's?
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Welcome to SMF!!! Glad you found us. This site is great lots of knowledge and friendly folks here ready to help. Remember we like pics AKA "Q-View"

Welcome and smoke on
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Thanx guys!! I will be posting before and after pics today. I would love to make your mouth water on a beautiful Tuesday morning.
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I see i missed something big, oh well we will get together next time. I am a restaurant manager. Started working for them bout 3 years ago when I moved back home from Germany. My wife and I owned 3 German delis, so I do have a basic understanding of meat.....LOL
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Welcome to the site. Too bad you missed the smoke out last weekend. Maybe this gives us an excuse to have another!
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Hello freddy glad you found us! You'll learn more & more before you know it! There's alot of good people and good info!

You have to watch out for theses little guys!icon_arrow.gifPDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
They'll eat your Fatty!
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Welcome to the SMF, also check out one of our member's sites.
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Welcome aboard! OK here's a question for you...I work with a German lady who is always telling me that the German bratwurst is different than anything she's ever gotten here, not only are they longer and thinner, but taste different. I finally have my set up complete and I want to try my hand at some authentice German brats for her, but I'm not convinced that I've found a truly authentic German recipe. There are so many out there that say authentic but their differences can be quite considerable. Having owned a German deli, would you happen to know a true authentic German brat recipe??
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Great, now I've got that Soprano's song in my head... Welcome aboard. icon_surprised.gif
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Funny what a guy wakes up to...........Congrats on finding the site. Tons of knowledge and there is always someone to help if you need answers. the search tool here to take you to past threads is also great. Sometimes saves repeating a guestion.

Good luck

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welcome to SMF, glad to have you here.
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Sorry bout the big pic.......know a lil bout smokin,,,a little less bout postin pics. LOL This should be better.
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Every city in Germany makes its own brats.....I will post some of my favorite recipes soon......As long as it tastes good who cares about 'authentic'. :-)
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No problem! Better to have something than nothing icon_lol.gif
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Grab yer shorts and hold on..the learning curve here makes a ski jump look like a bunnie hill !

Welcome to SMF!
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