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arizona ash?

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is arizona ash the same as ash? can it be used for smoking some meat? a guy at work has alot of it at home (he has an arizona ash tree). tia.
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All the info I could find on it points to no good. It's said to be extremely susceptable to insects and worms, and is a fast growing tree, with a short lifetime- typically meaning a sappy type softer wood. But that's just what I would think.
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Do not use it for cooking.
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ahhh, ok. thanks guys. i will tell him not to use it. i will give him some pecan. i just scored a truck load of it free. in fact, i will pick it up on the way to work, and give him some.
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Arizona ash is not a soft wood and it is not sappy. BUT it is still no good for smoking or cooking but it does well in a fireplace.
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How about regular Ash wood?Its everywhere on my property.Ive heard its a really good wood for the wood burner,I just wonder about smoking with it.I dont know what variety it is here,Ill do some research on that.
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According to everything I've read ash is a fast burner and good for fish and pork.

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