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Nice work! May ask how long it took you to build them?
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In all about 20 Hrs

4-5 hrs a night for a week or so.

There were 3 of us

I knew exactly what I wanted
Another guy is a Custom cabinet Maker
And the other guy is a Certified welder

That made it E-Z
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Now that, in reference to Greazy's question of building... you COULD make money on. With that level of equipment and talent...yup!
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Holy Moly. I saw a couple of smokers just like that somewhere else earlier today!!

If you haven't read my post yet then allpw me to compliment yourexcellent craftmanship once again.

When can I cook on it? I'll buy the meat and the beer.

Hey, why don't you stop by the roll call forum and introduce yourself if you haven't done so yet.

Welcome to the board!
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