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Building a smoking shed?

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So as I finished up my roof this weekend, I found that I have about 7-8 bundles of shingles left. I got to thinking about building a small (8'-12') shed for smoking. Can this be done safely; Carbon-Monoxide-wise? I'd like to put my smoker inside, and vent the intake and exaust lines through the wall. Of course while I'm at it, I'll add some counter tops, cabinets and a sink.

While part of the reason is to shelter my pansy self from the cold, I also am trying to get all of my gear off the front porch.

Anyone do anything like this?
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have not done it, Geek, but I'd have to advise a powered venting system to establish a slight negative air pressure within the smokehouse relative to living spaces to ensure CO evacuation. Which leads to smoke/heat retention trouble?
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Great Idea!
I'm sure ventilating the intake and exist would greatly reduce the smoke and chemicals.

We used to have a shop heater heater built out of 2 55Gal barrels.
Simular to a 2 tier smoker.

You may want to put in a small exaust fan to vent out what does escape.
You'll be suprised of how well the smoker will heat the area.
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Thanks folks for the comments. Since I'm not as worried about the temperature issue as I am the shelter itself (gotta keep the control system dry, ya know!) I'll probably put windows on 3 sides to keep the air quality safe. None the less, I'll mount a Smoke/CO alarm inside just to be safe.
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Check your local ordinance's, permit may be needed for such a shack, otherwise maybe you could build a Q-bana open on 1 side....icon_mrgreen.gif
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Permits?!? We don't need no stinking permits... LOL~~!
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Yea I live in the sticks; my nearest neighbor is about 2 miles away. The only permit I'll need is from wifey....which might be tougher than the local politician.
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The only problem I see with this is your lack of metioning a Lazyboy, Beer fridge, Wide screen TV & Satellite dish........since you live in the sticks and all.
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How careless of me....I thought that was a givenicon_lol.gif
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Sounds like the beginnings of The Man Room...
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I have plans for a place like this myself Hawg.
I will call it "The Dog House"
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Hey Josh, why don't you PM Mossy MO, he had a dandy set up and it sounds like what you are lookin for. There is a picture of his setup on a thread here, but I'm not smart enough to put it on here for you. Terry
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I'd do it if I could get away with it... but I think it may end up being my living quarters... PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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