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Novice looking for help with cooker

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I currently have WSM which has turned out incredible que so far. Ribs A+, pork butt A+, so far so good. Gotta be honest it is a pain in the A__ trying to hold temps. Need suggestions on easy to control easy to use cookers??? Electric?? Gas?? Have my eye on a Traeger also. Any help would be appreciated!!!!! I live in Scituate Ma .!!!HELPPPPPPPPPPPPicon_question.gif
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Guess I am not familiar with that smoker, but here's a tip, given your location. Set up a wind screen. As temps drop outside and wind picks up, it will drain heat almost as fast as opening the durn thing up. I use 1/4" plywood. Actually am gonna hinge it 3 sided, big enough to "triangle" around my smoker when I don't need access, then just swing a side open to do what I gotta do. It can be staked even, or use 2x4's at the bottom if you need stability. Hmm might even add a lid..don't think that'll choke the fire much...
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How about Gas or electric

Hows about a gas or electric one. Easier the better, just looking to hold good temps!!!
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Either way, I suggest the wind break. I currently have an ECB, which when required, I can set right on top of my camp cooker and crank the 'ell out of it. I have no exp. with electric, but if you can't make up for the BTU's the weather's gonna steal, yer... well, urinating into the breeze, as it were. ;{)

I am assuming the one you have is a charcoal unit?
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How many times have you cooked on it? Is it just the learning curve? WSMs are popular because they hold temps pretty well with long burn times using the "Minion method"

Have you checked out http://www.virtualweberbullet.com/index.html That site has everything you wanted to know and then some about the WSM
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Welcome to the SMF! You've come to the right place for answers.
Lots of good, helpful folks here.smile.gif
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You can look in the review section for some excellent reviews on the GOSM or CCSV; both well liked vertical gas units. A lot of people have an electric amoker and turn out great Q.

Whatever you get, Richtee is correct in that windy conditions are going to make it hard to maintain the temperature of your unit.
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