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good day

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definition of a good day- beer is cold smoker is hot and brsket is getting that way thin blue smoke to be seen in the air
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Yup... did my smokin' last night, but early this AM I did make 15 gallons of spaghetti sauce for a charity dinner today. Does the heart good. NOW I can get to a beer er three and some warmed up ribs!
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and football......PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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It's a bit cold out there for me to enjoy a cold beer today (I guess I could put on a coat - thinking about put the heat on ergh) ... but I got sausages in the Smoke Vault and Ribs and a small turkey in the Brinkmann ECB. Trying to figure out how much of Shelly's rub we need for a good taste. Using her wood chips too.
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You beat me to itPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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a great cowboys/pats game so far.
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Yeah but we're gonna kick it up a knotch and open up a can of whop A$$!
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we ??? i thought ya were a gb fan ????
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My definition would have included pic's!! biggrin.gif
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I'm a disgruntled Pats fan - converted to Greenbay fan. I am still a New Englander so when it comes down to it Patriots are in the blood.

They both won today anyway! Had to watch the Packers on the computer though.
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come summersville there will be pics & vids..... step by step fatty folding instructions(the qwife is lookin' @ me sideways).....
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Gypsy - don't you think it would be easier at home?
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The brisket turned out way better than i expected as this was my first try at smoking and i took some pics just cant post them until friday because my connection speed at home is way too slow but they are coming
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Well, now ya now that if you hang out here, you CAN expect that quality Q!
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