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Got nuthin' to do with bats, BTW.

Trimmed up 2 slabs of spares, and 4 Lbs of countrys. Left with 2 long skirts, some short bones, and the meat twixt the ribs off the countries. Normally I'd grind it up for spaghetti sauce but I tried something new.

Laid out the skirts side by side, and laid on all the trimmings off the bones, etc. Sprinkled rub inside, and rolled it all up into a ball and tied with a string.

POOF...Porkball! biggrin.gif

Was REALLY tasty too!
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Now that's creative! Looks good Richtee.smile.gif
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Thats using the ol' noggin! A good way to fit the skirt meat in the smoker. Thats the first pork ball I've seen that wasn't referred to as a mountain oyster biggrin.gif
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Hehe...never had those. One day I'm gonna have to try 'em. Last year I did freak some buds out by making some trotters :{)
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I glad the cat didn't have anything to do with that.
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Looks like a bat to me!

Sounds like a good idea. I have tried smoking the"extra meat" from spares before. Too damned tough for me, ended up like jerky. If I ever get tired of Baby backs, I'll have to try this pork ball thing!icon_confused.gif
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