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for our sweet lil cowgirl

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Hey cowgirl, sweetie, may I ask? Is your name Patty? wink.gif Terry
Well, he does say, "cow girl" icon_redface.giftongue.gif
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LOL!!! I love it!! biggrin.gif

Thanks for the laugh Terry!!PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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suck up.... PDT_Armataz_01_27.gifPDT_Armataz_01_27.gif i know ya didn't just call her cow patty.....
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RTFLMAO icon_biggrin.gif
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Heck, Cow Patty would have been a good user name. LOL!
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you don't know and you never will. tongue.giftongue.giftongue.gif Dang, she never did say if her name is, "Patty". icon_confused.gif , the lil snot! smile.gif haha
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I don'no Terry-careful 'bout teasing our cowgirl-ya just might find yer'self in the middle of a shrimp stampede!!!icon_mrgreen.gif
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Didn't they mae a movie about shrimps stampeeding the desert somewhere?
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Not yet...BUT...Cowgirl just PM'd me to come do the camera work.
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How do you all like my new signature?icon_mrgreen.gif
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I got caught in a shrimp stampede once! Those lil horns sure do hurticon_eek.gif
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I like it. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif That Coley sure does a fine job in whatever he takes on. icon_smile.gif Now, just so Dutch don't get on I-15 and drive up here and whup me for being disrespectful to you, what WOULD you like me to call you?? wink.giftongue.gificon_razz.gif You know I'm just kiddin ya! We only tease the sweet girls. icon_smile.gif Terry
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You may call me cowgirl OR Patty.....I'll answer to either.icon_mrgreen.gif
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Vlap, I have images in my mind of those things stampeding all over Florida.........I still say you are........................LUCKYYYYYYYYY!biggrin.gif
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I love where I live. Although I see picts some of you take of your back yards that stretch to the horizon and I am jealous of that. Love the mountains!

As for the stampeed I was swimming a ways offshore in the gulf of mexico. I was standing on a sandbar and all the sudden I started getting pricks all over my body. (HURT LIKE HECK!) I look down and in the water are thousands of shrimp and they kept lunging forward and stabbing me with those lil horns. I guess they were taking revenge on me for all the times I have impaled one of them on a hook and fed them to various fish.
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Hey Patti! What color is your moped? LOL. Do you get P.Oed pretty easy?
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