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cinderblock pit cooking

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This is taken from my little blog....http://cowgirlscountry.blogspot.com/

I'm not sure if this has been posted in the past, please feel free to delete it if it has.

The cinderblock pit method to cook large amounts of meat/food has been around for years. It's an easy way to cook for a crowd.

This method works well for anything from pigs to turkeys, briskets, venison hind quarters, pots of beans, corn in the husk and baked bread. Just about anything you want to throw on there. It's like a large oven.

You need to find a spot with no grass to set up your blocks. I have 30 blocks.....You can make it any size you like.
Set up your first two rows of blocks.

I line the bottom with foil to channel any drippings away from the hot coals. The drip pans can be filled with water/beer/applejuice what ever you like.
I like to use beer and dry rub.

Add about 2 1/2 lbs of coals to each end of the cooker...right on top of the foil. Light the coals and add a grate.

I like to marinade the pig overnight, but you do not have to. You can season it any way you like.


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I start the pig on it's back....add another row of blocks and cover with tin.

Hot coals are added at each end about every hour.
You do not need to add very many coals, the idea is to cook it low and slow. 10 to 15 coals on each end are plenty.


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The pig is turned only once.. I like to add wood chips for smoke. Sometimes mesquite, hickory, apple....what ever sounds good at the time.
A 125lb pig takes about 8 to 9 hours and about 35lbs of charcoal. (you can use your own hot wood coals)
You need to use a thermometer to check the temperature. Cooking time varies depending on the outside weather.

Here is the finished pig...


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Hey cowgirl, dang that pig-hawg looks good! If I may ask a dumb question, why do it on a pit like that? Why not just do it on your BBQ? Or is it a matter of, it just don't fit?
Anyway, sure looks good. I need to get the courage to try that some time. icon_eek.gif
I meant to say earlier, nice lookin hay burners ya got. Don't ya just love little colts. smile.gif And then they grow up. icon_eek.gifrolleyes.gif Terry
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Thanks BigArm's. My horizontal will only hold one up to 75lbs...anything bigger gets cooked on this pit. The really big hogs 225lbers get buried in an underground pit overnight.

I know what you mean....the cute little ones grow up into BIG hay burners. lolicon_mrgreen.gif
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Sounds good to me Cowgirl. I might suggest that you add the wood chunks at the first of the smoke instead of the last. I think you will get more flavor.
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I'll try that goat...thanks!icon_smile.gif
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That is a beautiful site Cowgirl.
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Great job...nice pix!!! It's nice to see someone who has a clue about what to do with a big que. I've been to a lot of parties where the quer has no clue...what a waste.
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Thank you low&slow and kew_el_steve. I've had the pit for 5 years....it's an eye sore, but it sure turns out good food.icon_smile.gif
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Here's a link to my tiny blog (started earlier this year......when I was suffering from cabin fever)
It has info on cooking whole hogs underground. Not the Hawaiian way.....the Okie way.icon_lol.gif

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Nice job Cowgirl! I suppose if you wanted to you could pretty it up but then it might not work as well. Best to leave alone I think - It works don't fix it!
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Thanks Debi.smile.gif I hadn't thought about sprucing it up, wonder if stucco would work.
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That looks great.
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Thank you SmokeyBear. It seems to put out a lot of good food with little effort.smile.gif Works great for feeding a crowd.
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how bout starting a thread cowgirl, on burying a pig..........would really like to know how to do that..............


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Just for you Walking Dude. icon_smile.gif I didn't know if anyone would be interested in using the underground method. I went ahead and posted it in the large gathering section.

It's another great way to feed a large crowd. The getting ready the night before is a party in itself! lol
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Do you have any pics of your underground pit? I would like to see that in action. Great job with the cinder block pit. I would try the chips for flavor towards the front of the smokin time also PDT_Armataz_01_24.gif.

Great job!
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Here is a link to the underground post. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...?threadid=9495

It also feeds a large crowd and the best part is, you get to sleep while it's cooking.icon_biggrin.gif

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Wow that looks great. I went to a pig roast years ago and I remember pulling hunks of meat off the carcass that were the most tender I ever had. Just delicious.
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