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Maplewood chips Ok for spares?

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Hi everyone,
Just wondering if Maplewood chips are OK for smoking a few racks of Pork Spare ribs? The local Canadian Tire store is sold out of everything else and this is all thats left on the shelf and I am running low on Mesquite. Being new to smoking I am not sure what goes with what and I don't want to blow the ribs? Any help would be great. Thanks
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i use maple a lot & it works well on spares.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif i usually mix it w/ mesquite so if ya can spare a little mesquite try it.
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Maple works good and they grow like weeks around here. I got a boarder fence growing I've been eyeballing PDT_Armataz_01_13.gif
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Thanks Gypsyseagod...I'm on my way right now as there was only two bags left on the shelf. Can't beleive the way some poeple think...if the shelves are bare...thats a good thing if you are selling stuff and should be a sign that "Hey maybe I should get more !" I 'll stock up next time I go into Edmonton. Thanks for the tip...I'll let you know how my spares turn out tonight/ Cheers .BADSS
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Thanks smokin yet today?
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Make sure you get out that camera. We love Q-View! I want to see the progress of the smoke. I am ready to do another rib smoke again soon. When I do I'll post them,now that I know how to post pictures..Ha.

Happy smoking, have fun, have an adult beverage to knock off the edges.
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Maple works great with spares, but has a much lighter flavor. I use it alot because it grows wild all around here. You may want to mix with a little bit of mesquite or hickory for a deeper smoke flavor.

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Yep I'm smoking 12 lbs of bacon right now and cutting up a few butts to ground into hot snack sausages like Slim Jims or peperonis. I got a turkey, some ribs and a fatty thawing for tomorrow with some ABTs.
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Maple and cherry mix is also great with ribs.
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Spares turned out fantastic. Managed to get 4 this time around ....4 ribs that is outta 10 lbs. LOL. Buddies are starting to ask what I am smokin next! If I have to keep feed'em and buying the beer....I am gonna start a collection can....cleaned my beer fridge right out and left feeling not so hungry and very sleepy! LOL. Thanks for the time I may try the Cherry mixed with the Maple as it sounds good. Sorry folks pics of this one. Went to snap some shots and noticed I left my camera card in my office. Next smoke I think we'll do up a roast ! Thanks again for all the tips everyone.
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