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The corned beef hash got to me

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Got a can of Hormel's, tossed it in a bowl. Mixed in 1 tsp. unflavored gelatin, 1 raw egg, 1 Tbsp CBP and 3 Tbsp. Franks Red Hot. Installed back in can. Now sitting in boiling water bath to set up. Then, onto the ECB with the spares and countrys currently occupying said unit...

Sounds good..we'll see!
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Well, dambit- stuff won't set up/ Prolly too greasy. Ah well... piled it on the grill anyway...grin
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Ugh...what a mess! Ah well, salvaged what I could and tossed 'er in the frypan. The stuff stuck to the grill was pretty good's just ugly as Rosie ;{)
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bummer richtee. i think i'll make some homemade per debi's recipe and see if i can bacon wrap it.
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I'm almost thinkin'...fry it out a bit first. WAY to greasy to bind up. Home made might just be the ticket. just had a lil plate of it...good... but like I said... half of it's in my water pan now :{(
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Is that canned stuff packed like spam or something? Maybe you could roll it up in some leftover mashed taters? I've been thinking of trying that with a fatty.
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Waaay to greasy... I heaated in back in thecan with the egg and gelatin to 140 and cooled in ice bath...never set up...
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lmao- sear it like brisket.... not sure how the tongs would work but it'd be a great video.
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owww OWW...somebody snuff me!
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Bout time. I was gettin' worried 'bout the bourbon. flammable schtuff yanno!
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That must have been some right oogley stuff! PDT_Armataz_01_09.gif

I hope it was fit to eat, brotha Rich!
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hey rich put the corned beef in the fridge over night next day open it and scrap off the grease cut into 3/8" slices the short way,butter two slices of rye bread ,one side only place meat on the unbuttered side of one slice then add a fork full or more of your favorite kraut (mines franks) then a slice of swiss cheese place other slice of rye unbuttered side down fry in a skillet pressing down on it every once in a while till heated through,this is the original rueban,enjoy.

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