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Smoked Ham

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I was thinking about smoking a Ham from the store has anyone done this and is it worth it. If it is worth it does anyone have any info on how long to smoke it and what types of rubs are known to be good for it. Thanks everyone
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no clue but am going to bump this......good question

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i've done it-a precooked ham. smoke @ 225 until internal hits 170 & spritz w/ apple/cran mix. i then foiled it & rested for a couple hours & pulled it. it came out great for smoked ham salad-like chix salad but w/ ham.
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I have smokes fresh ham but not to eat right away - just to smoke.

According to my reading:

Ham (Bone In) 225° F to 250° F 1.5 hours per pound 160° F
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I am assuming your talking about a pre-cooked ham.
you won't want to smoked it too much being there already smoked.
also if it's hickory smoked you might want to keep that in mind when choosing wood types.
Any pork rub should do. You can search the forum rub recipies.

Is it worth it? That's a hard call. They are pretty good.
Their not as good as home cured ham wich is a whole different story.

My advice is give a shot and see what happens. It you don't go hungry, Then it's a success.

DeejayDebi pretty well coverd the cokking time and temps.

Since they are pre cooked you can go as low 150 but 160-170 is the basic rule of thumb.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I do one for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year, I score the outside of the ham in a diamond pattern, insert one clove on each diamond (optional), Then I smoke it at about 225, till it reaches around 160 or so. I use a comb of cherry and maple wood for flavor, but try not to over smoke it.
Towards the end of the cook I start glazing it with a mixture of Mustard sauce thinned with apple juice and Brown sugar. Cranberry juice works good too in stead of apple. Always turns out great. Just be sure you do not over cook it or it will dry out. Enjoy
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About half way through smoking, I like to spread it with yellow prepared mustard, pack as much brown sugar on the outside that it will hold.
Then spray it until damp with Crown whiskey. (I keep some crown in a spray bottle just for this.)

Return to the smoker and cook until the outside is a nice golden color.
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TREASON!- well, wait..have you ever tried drinking it? And also...try bourbon in that bottle... :{)
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Well, sometimes I have to have a spritz or two of the crown while I'm spraying the ham.PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

I'll try the bourbon.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Thanks!
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I have smoked precooked hams before and they turned out great. Use a mild wood for the smoke, like cherry or apple. smoke to internal temp. of 160°
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I have done a half dozen precooked hams. Some are regular hams, some are spiral sliced, I like the spiral better cause the rub and syrup gets into the meat more. I put them in a shallow baking dish and slosh some real maple syrup on it. Also put Jeff's rub on it the day before. After about two hrs, I spritz it with apple juice and Captain Morgan rum. Everyone seems to think its great. Terry
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Smoked Ham

Thanks all for the advice . I am going to do 1 this weekend. And I am also thinking about smoking my own in time.
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I was picking out a fresh turkey last week and saw this this big old fresh ham in the next spot. It was 10-1/2 pounds for $6.50 So I thought at that price I would try one! Well, I smoked it with hickory and used my rib rub on it and smoked it 195 temp. We chopped it, mixed it with home made BBQ sauce and had some good sandwiches. Actually looked better and tasted as good as the butts and shoulders I normally smoke.

Happy New Year to all!
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