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Spatchcock Chicken Anyone?

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I decided to do a couple of Spatchcock chickens today. It had been a while since I done one. This what they looked like before I spatchcocked them.

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This is after I cut them and butterflied them. I put some rub on them and let them set at room temperature for about an hour. I got the smoker ready and put some hickory chunks in the ECB and some lump charcoal.

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This is the old Electric Smoke 'N Grill (ECB) i used. Like I said I put some hickory chunks and some lump charcoal into the smoke box. This give it a real good flavor. Once it was smoking the thin blue smoke I put them on.

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The first picture is an hour and a half into the smoke. The last picture is the final result. It was 175 degrees in the breast and when I picked it up with the tongs it fell apart. It didn't last long once it rested about 15 minutes.

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I had never heard of this method until recently. Tried it for the first time last week. Was fantastic. I like these birds, whole, on the rotiss, but spatchcocking it right up there with the best of methods. In fact, it is about a tossup.

Your birds look great. I can tell why they didn't last very long. Mine didn't either.

Thanks for the Q-View. I'm ready to do it again.

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That looks great. Nice job.
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Good lookin' "yard birds" ....
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Looks real good Paul. I am gonna have to try doing that one of these days. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Terry
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what was the temps of the smoke? lenght of the cook?

i.e. the smoker, during the cooking process?

i have seen this done grill wise, this i my first lookie see at a smoked spatch-cocked yard bird

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Great looking results. Congrats. An awesome way to do chicken.
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Wow that looks delicious. I will be trying this soon.
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Dude, I have the electric ECB and I used both racks in the smoker without any water pan. I used my smoker box with a chunk of hickory and a couple of pieces of lump charcoal in it on the element. The smoker gets to 260 to 275 degrees. The juices fall down on the lava rocks I have around the electric element and it vaporizes back up on the chicken. I cooked them for about 1 hr. and 45 minutes. When they reached 175 in the breast I turned them over on the breasts and hardened the skin to a crisp. I took them off and let them rest for about 15 minutes. Some of the best chicken I've done in a while. Three men ate that thing in about thirty minutes and we wished we had two more cooking. Praises all around.
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Nice birds Chaple! I like doing them that way gets the smoke in good all over!
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Looks great. If you remove the keel bone, they will lay even flatter and give you a more even cook.........but some might say not worth the extra work.
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Man those look awesome .....what a great idea.
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