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Are You ready for winter?

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This is another angle.

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there's a cord or two there.PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif
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where's the 12th man bro ???? i can safely say - "ya got wood".
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Not bad for a couple of Georgia boys... what's that a couple hours work??? icon_mrgreen.gifrolleyes.gif Slackers...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Yeah, took us almost a whole day to do this pile. You know how Georgia boys are. The chain saw gave out the first hour so we cut it to size with a double headed ax and split it with a 12 inch hatchet. We took a hour lunch break and went at it again. About 4:00 in the afternoon we decided to call it a day. Maybe with a good night's sleep we can twice as much tommorrow. LOL
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LOL.. yeahh I'd expect so much from a Ga. group... lazy as the day is long. Heck when I was 12 we used to cut some wood. We did a pile like that in 4 hrs. Pa was mad and whipped us for being so slow.. all we had was one dull army knifeicon_biggrin.gif .

Good sport chadpole... lookin forward to more good stuff from ya.
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lol great vacation ya had there... i've seen bigger piles of shrimp that needed to be headed... lol- just razzin' ya ( i gotta find those pics.... )
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Wow, Pigcircles, you Missouri boys were pretty tough ! The old dull army knife trick(whew, wiping sweat) I couldn't imagine having to go thru that,LMAO,.

Gypsy, I've seen those shrimp boats come in in Savannah,Ga. We used to buy the shrimp right off the boat. You boys worked your arse off. That's alot of work. When I was a teenager some of my friends in school thought they would try their hand at shrimping during the summer. It didn't last long at all. They were darn glad to get off that boat. It takes a good "MAN" to do that kind of work. My hat is off to you my friend.
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Whoops! LOL. Did I actually say that (Pigcircles) That dawg gone Terry is rubbing off on me ,LMAO.
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lol that was summer "vacation"- when my grandfather got out of the navy after ww2 he bought an old wooden minesweeper & did that "deadliest catch" thing w/ him & 1 other hand & my grandmother as cook in alaska- then turn around fer halibut,salmon & winters push icebergs out of juneau harbor.... man working w/ him in the warm gulf... shrimping was easy.... he was a tough little man.thanx for the compliment.
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