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Are You ready for winter?

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This is a little stack of firewood and smoking wood that I have gathered for winter. Do you think I will have enough?

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Not if you own one of those jet powered fire starters.
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My little stack wouldn't last very long with that thing,LOL. Ya'll ,sorry for the numerous posts but I couldn't figure out how to post all the pictures in one post,(Dummy me) Been trying to post these pictures since 11:00 this morning and finally Terry called me up and walked me through it. He's such a great guy. Ya'll don't be so hard on him,LOL
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Ok Paul, I will admit it, yours is bigger. (the wood pile damn it, the wood pile) eek.gifredface.gifrolleyes.gif haha, glad you got the pictures figured out. It is maddening at times! Here is mine,(wood pile), its usually bigger, its been used quite frequently this fall. tongue.gificon_smile.gif

Is this why I get all that flack??? Terry -----yes, thats lots of cow sh*t around Buddy, thats ok, I like the smell, it smells like home. icon_biggrin.gif
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is the dog guarding that pile ??? ( the wood- not the other... either way- good dog).. lmaoicon_razz.gif
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Dang Paul, I only saw this post and I couldn't figure out what you meant about the numerous post, now I get it, you've covered the board! cool.gificon_lol.gif thanks for the kind words but a certain, "Pigcicles" (don't worry Joe, I won't mention your name) , will never let me live it down. icon_smile.giftongue.gif haha, Terry
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Not a word from me Terry. You did a good thing... you get an Atta Boy! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Chadpole, yours really dwarfs my paltry pile that I cut last week. On the left is oak, which is for watching dinasoar TV, and the right is mesquite for cooking. I know where some more wood is when the time comes, and it will not be covered with snow.
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Well when we all run out we'll just give you a holler Chadpole!
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Hey Daryle, you sure live in some nice country. biggrin.gif I was on your web site. I am very impressed. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Is it possible to get your summer sausage shipped to Montana? I would sure like to try it. Terry
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I don't see why not. I have not made any yet, but when I do, I will let you know.
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