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Sit in your back yard at night. Get a fishing pole and tie a chicken leg on it. Cast that leg into the woods when it gets dark and get into a 12 pak of your favorite beer.
Sooner or later youll get feel a tug if ya got lots of coons around. You wont actually catch them, but its funnier than hell trying to real em in close enough for a picture.

P.S. They fight better than most fish
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You know I bet that's true! It sure sounds like fun.

I don't trap mine anymore unless they are ripping up my roof or something. In truth the three I see all the time are sort of pets now. I was sitting in the hot tub one night and it felt like I was being watched, I looked over the side and all three were looking right back at me!

I'll put out water and bread for them sometimes and they'll come within about four feet if I just sit quiet, they are fun to watch when they eat, washing their food. Last year I had one that I haven;t seen in a while now, but he was an albino raccoon! Blue eyes and white on grey-white fur. That one wouldn't come close to me but he was pretty to look at.

Back home as a kid some of my neighborer would eat them, I never got to try it but they all said it was greasy. I have tried possum and that was greasy as hell so I can imagine. Squirrel is damn good though, I have shot and smoked a few of those right in my backyard here in Houston.
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