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smoked raccoon

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Anybody ever smoked a coon before? Ive got a wild coon that has made the eave of my house his home. I was up there with the insurance adjuster, cause we had some hail damage. This thing came jumping out at us and liked to scared the poor adjuster clean off the roof. He got down and didnt get back up there...lol. So the coon has to go.
Im not really gonna smoke the critter. My wife would smoke me if I did. But my question is, whats the best bait to attract him into my trap?
I figure they eat just about anything....I was thinking something like marshmallows.

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The opposite sex! PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Borrow a hava-heart trap and put some food in it. They usually will eat almost anything. So, go to Mickey D's and get three .69 hamburgers and it should do the trick.
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I have a trap that I got from the animal control guy. He said he will come get the coon after I catch it...lol.
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anything shiny and a bowl of water
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i fergot- because coons haveno salivary glands they haveto wet theirfood first- hence the old myth that they wash their hands before eating- they love mussells or clams.
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Pellet gun!!cool.gif
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A cheap can of sardines or tuna work really well.
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They are very pretty critters but they sure can make a mess in a hurry!
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they make a great hat in a few months...lol so said davey crockett.
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Yes that was my first thought, but the wife, well you know how that goes. I even thought about lassoing it, but I dunno if I want a p'd off coon attached to me, especially on the roof.
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use chicken bones,go to your local KFC and get a bucket of chicken for
supper/lunch whatever??? and bait the trap with the scraps.
works every time.

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See my avatar PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
Chloe the wonder dog.
She'll get the coon in the trap for you.
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that is 1 wild eyed hound.
p.s. low - read "where the red fern grows"- that'll teach ya about coon ketchin'- just promise ya won't cry @ the end.
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I read it years ago, And yes I won't tell you I cried.
Chloe isn't really wild eyed, that was her first time getting her picture taken and she was sniffing the camera. She is more of a lover than a fighter.
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We tried catching coyotes in a live trap using a live chicken (they are in a separate section....the coyote can not reach them.)
We did not catch any of the coyotes, but we caught a lot of racoons.

One friend used a hot dog tied onto a piece of string to lure a racoon out of his garage.

Are you sure you don't want my secret racoon recipe? Tastes like goose.icon_biggrin.gif
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i have coon in bbq sauce at a wild game feed..........YUM.....is all i can say

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You can smear peanut butter on anything and they will be fighting over it.
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feed it a healthy handful of buckshot
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A 22 short in the head works real good. Skin em out and throw on the grill with a little seasoning and he turn out just fine.

Never smoked one but I don't know why it wouldn't work.
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