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I have enjoyed doing both when in vogue and occasionally now I can find a dance partner able and willing.

Thanx for the memories!

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i have played music since ive been 5 years old: drums, guitar, bass, piano, banjo etc.....drums are my main instrument. up until about two years ago when work started to get the best of me, i played at least one time a week in all the local los angeles clubs for about 12 years. one band i played in actually supported me for almost a year. now i feel old.
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Making music does seem to bring you back to the days ....
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honestly I think my guitars....all 14 of them, are feeling unloved.....was just talking about this earlier today.....I've spent more time smoking meat then picking up and....well.....picking!!!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif
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What has smokin done to us? Maybe it's time for rehab!!!!!!LOL

Nah......put another log on the fire!!
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low & slowing a big ol' brisket should give you time to get through about 5 of them geetars... i am always willing to adopt a few more.
p.s. how 'bout a pic of them babies eh ??
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I hear ya Smoked! I think all other hobbies have just fizzled it's more fun to sizzle!
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there'so excuse- jam those guitars- we go low & slow & ya got hours....i drug a guitar & drums 1000 miles to jam w/ debi & kids- ya got no excuse bro.....
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I play ukulele.

Not terribly well, but I play.

Generally, I like to listen to 60's psychedelic music. A goal before dying is to play in a pschedelic ukulele jam band. We'd call ourselves, "The Electric Rigatoni." Gotta have dreams.

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some of my old songs i finally got up on comp.

y'alll may like 1 or 2 to q to... remember i was about 17 @ the time circa 1986
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Very nice Gypsy. I like Cryin Baby Blues best - I never really was a metal head but I cab appreciate it.
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lol mom- i WAS 17 @ the time & it WAS the 80's- i love cryin' baby blues(thats redone vocals soon to the smf blues)or lack thereof. but my fave is candy cotton- thats more blues funk- what they call r&b nowdays neither has rythym or blues to it... thats my opinion. just glad i could resurrect these old tunes.
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