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lol i've only owned a few guitars younger than me- i know that aria pro clone well-that was an aria pro II. i used 1 doing santana sounds.great gear debi.as far as the accordian repair- i'll call her personally for you.it will cost ya though.... she is the world's authority on bertenelli accordians. p.s. if ya trust me & can find room- bringthat lucille copy to summersville-i'll bring the amp & do some b.b. on it.
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Your right Gypsy there both Aria Pro IIs. I forgot to add the II. I may have a tight squeeze fitting that in too. It doesn't fit in my trunk. Little Sunfire lots of emergeny gear! I was gonna throw the Djembes in there for the drum circles!
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Awww C'mon Debi... just one comment... It's killin me icon_evil.gifwink.gif
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Well piigie darlin it wouldn't be you now if you didn't say something now would it? Somehow i knew you'd see this! biggrin.gif
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wel thats ok- i'll bring a strat or/and acoustic, a drum & a bodhran.
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I can hunt an' peck a pie-annie, just slightly worse than I can type. Can carry a tune vocally, however. My oldest must have got it from somewhere- she graduated from U of M bachelor's in music, performance vocals. I write a bit, Lyrics/poetry- could even do sheet music I suppose..I can read it. Played cornet/trumpet in HS band for 6 years, a short lifetime ago. Also afflicted with a minor form of perfect pitch. Annoying as hell, really.
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I'm a stratocaster man myself, a weekend warrior, been playing lots of styles from Zydeco to blues to R&B and I love classic rock.
I've got a 1965 Super Reverb that I bought all junked up but I rebuilt and retubed it.
I also use my own effects pedals that I build myself. Right now I have an overdrive/distortion, wah, MXR phase 45 copy, chorus, delay, and a couple of compressors, all that I built.
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BTW.........i dont have a pic......will have to take one.............

but i play a mean Air-Gee-Tar

i also ran into a hammered dulcimer..........had to take him home......he was too hammered to drive...........LOLOL.......god i kill myself sometimes

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Looks like a lot of talent out there. Myself I play a bose' ---- sure am glad I got the model that playes cd's too. icon_smile.gif
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very cool. i need a tube db boost /screamer for me- that fits just me... do you buildthem for profit or just for yourself ??
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This is a great thread! I have been playing alto saxophone for about 10 years. I also have been playing bass and 6 string guitar for atleast 6 years. Mostly country and blues. Also recently I started to pick some banjo Currently I am playing in a traditional country band and building a custom strat.
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Trumpet, trombone, tuba (anything brass at that point) up until 9th grade. I can play the beginning to smoke on the water and stairway to heaven on guitar and can pick lucy in the sky. But my best instrument is my custom made 1965'ish BOOMBA!!!
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I know this vid doesn't show any of our family here, but I thought these folks were MIGHTY talented! I enjoyed watching it.


I used to play tuba, trumpet, baritone, and french horn. I have dabbled for years with a guitar and mandolin, too.
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Here's a cool link to a drum line comp...It's actually from the movie drum line.

Good drumming though..
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Thanks, Shelle! Here I go off on another 3 hours of watchin' drum line vids! LOL
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Okay, I'm in: 5th and 6th grade I played the baritone, 7th grade thru 12th grade played the tuba/sousaphone, filled in when they needed another baritone and picked up the french horn in 12th grade cuz we didn't have a french horn player.

Dad and Grandma D taought me to play the harmonica and I taught myself to play the guitar and the tenor banjo. I haven't played the guitar since the grandson cracked the neck were it joins the body (he fell against it while learning to walk) and I gave up the banjo when one of my son's took it apart in a fit of extreme boredness. Managed to put it back together but now I need a new bridge and a couple of tuning keys.
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I played the alto sax when I was a youngun... then found out about cars and gurls... kick myself in the arse for lettin' it go! But, the good news is, I am looking for another alto to pick up again.

I play around with the harmonica... not very good at it, but I can make noise. I do have some pix somewhere of my collection... when I unearth them, I'll post them.
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A pic of one of my early creations...

One of my first attempts at a custom... a Marine Band 20... sealed, tweeked plates and reeds, modified/opened covers, and stainless screws and nuts to hold the sammich together. It plays well, but unfortunately, I don't... PDT_Armataz_01_07.gif
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I think banjo was one of the trickest and most exciting instruments to learn. Very enjoyable instrucment.

unless you are trying to make a living at it it doesn't really matter how well you play just that you enjoy trying. I think making music is about the most relaxing thing I know to do - as long as you don't get all over yourself when you mess up.

When you get you new sax you can brush up here ... http://www.deejaysworld.net/
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Do the hustle...oh, I meant BUMP
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