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Gas grill Q

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I have a Brinkman gas grill.........what is a good cleaner for the outside? It's starting to look dingy and I try to clean it but it just ain't cuttin through!!

Here's what it looked like new,

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Have you tried a stainless steel cleaner?
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I just cleaned my grill last weekend. I used Simple Green and it worked like magic.
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Yup...I have a power washer with a detergent mixing tube...Simple Green works wonders... spray the really grungy parts with oven cleaner a half hour before ya wash...
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that simple green is good stuff!
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Simple green it is!!!!! Thanks!!!
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simple green or insulate it,fill w/ ice, & make it a beer tub.. lol ya got a new smoker bro..... retire that silver thing... lol (joking man)
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I hear ya.........maybe I'll make a wok out of it!!LOL
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there's a thought. - now get over to that smf musicians thread & tell the others about yerself maestro.
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I still can't get over it! You are amazing! I melt everytime I listen to you play!

Folks if you haven't heard our own Gypc play his guitars you haven't heard a virtuoso! This man is to guitar playing what Pavatti was to opera!

This man is THE BEST BAR NONE! I love all types of music so I don't limit myself to just one style either. I am IN AWE everytime I play your CD!
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Hi Debi............thanks for the sweet words!!!!!!!!!!;)
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