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Pastrami and Player Pianos

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I didn't know what else to call my introduction. Forty years ago, I saw my first player piano and was hooked. For twenty years while my girls were growing up, I rebuilt and refinished player pianos.
About ten years ago, I started cooking. The joke around my house is that I'm a chef, not a cook -- only because a chef doesn't do the dishes. (I do tend to dirty a lot of dishes when I cook.)
And this week, I learned that pastrami is really corned beef smoked! Once again, I've been hooked!
Since then, I've spent many hours online and even a few days traveling to look at smokers. My next one will be my first one! I have no idea what to buy except that I've narrowed it down to either gas or electric. And, I want to take it with us when we head south in our RV.
We're "Snowbirds" and I love to dazzle fellow campers at our potlucks.
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Welcome! There are a lot of knowlegeable people on this site who will be glad to help you, unfortunately I am not one of them! I can offer encouragement and wish you good luck on your first smoker purchase.
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Welcome snowbird.

Heading south to where???

I just did a pastrami and it tastes exactly like the deli stuff i was used to getting.
I'm still raving about is especially when i steam a frozen pre sliced portion.

I will make our annual corned beef myself this year.
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Welcome to SMF! Where ya from? Up north this way somewhere, obviously... otherwise you'd not be goin down south...heh.

As far as smoker choice, I guess the RV thing makes your choice easier, especially if you go to sites without power. Get a gasser :{)

I don't run one, but I gotta believe the electrics in general will pull 10A or more on heat cycle. That's a chunk outta a 30A <3600 watt> generator.

Maybe some of the volt-smokers here will have exact info.
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Welcome to the forum.
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Welcome to SMF, fchammer1-it's nice to have you join us. I saw an RV heading south on I-15 last week with a propane smoker strapped down on one of those carry all baskets that fits into the reciever on the trailer hitch. Looks like it would work as long as you're not towing a small "round town" vehical.

I use a GOSM gasser that's been retro fitted with a SFB from a Chargriller smoker. I now have the best of both worlds-propane and charcoal/wood.

While you're looking for a smoker, sign up for TulsaJeffs 5-Day ecourse. It'll give you some great info on smoking foods.

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welcome to smf. i too, am wondering where you winter as we have a lot of "winter texans" where i'm from. looking forward to your smoking adventures.
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Even when i graduate to a larger smoker, I will keep the Rival KC TOY to tote in the trailer that i pull with my Kawasaki.
The unit is actually great for one thing at a time smoking. I think it can do a couple of racks of ribs also
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Welcome to SMF fchammer1. I love pastrami too, just posted a recipe in the venison section of the forum. If you happen to have some venison, it's good "corned" and smoked too.
There are a lot of good, helpful folks here.biggrin.gif

Scotty.....nice rig.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thinking Of A Small Unit That Can Easily Be Transported By Campers And Rec V Folks I Just Wrote Up My Observations Of My Rival Smoker

1 Excellent Quality Device.
2-customer Service Is Tops
3-easy To Clean Because It Has An Inner Removable 4-chamber And Drip Tray
5-the Drip Tray Has Provisions To Add Water If You Care Too
6- It Has A 2 Level Removable Rack
7- You Only Need To Put The Lower Portion In For Thicker Cuts That Require More Room.
8-- The Thermostat Is Extra Stable When You Get It To The Proper Temperature
9- The Temp Is Adjustable
11-- There Is A Separate Switch To Turn The Smoking Portion On Or Off
12--it Has A Standard Adjustable Vent In The Cover
13- There Is Some Sort Of Lip Above Each One Of The Carrying Handles Which Allows One To Hook The Cover If Opening Is Necessary
14-it Has Well Made Wooden Handles On Each Side For Carrying And One On The Lid Which Never Seemed Too Hot To Handle
Some Shortcomings
1-wood Chip Capacity Is About 1 1/2 Cups
2--if You Are Using Both Levels Of The Rack You Can Not Reasonably Attend The Lower Rack If Needed
3--adding Wood Chips While The Unit Is On And Contains Food Would Be A Comedy Scene Requiring About 3 Or 4 People Etc Etc.
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Welcome to SMF! Glad you found us!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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MY Smoker Process of Elimination

I'm still working out how to maneuver around this site. To answer some questions -- We live in State College, PA. We're headed to Harlingen, TX, this year after eight winters south of Miami. (Had enough of that area.) Next year, we plan to try the west coast of Florida from Naples to Fort Myers. Then we may settle in one spot for the winters.

My search for a smoker has "narrowed" down to this:

First, because we want to take this unit with us in our RV, I eliminated the Great Outdoors Smokey Mountain ($104.35 at the local Walmart) because I would still have to carry an additional grill for steaks, burgers, etc., and all the Walmart offering does is smoke.

The search has narrowed to these three because I can use my existing propane tank, and these units allow me to grill or smoke with gas or charcoal. Plus, I can do a beer can chicken on any of the three.

For $121.94 shipped from Bass Pro: Brinkmann All-in-One Charcoal/Propane Cooker/Smoker/Grill

For $168.94 shipped from Cabela's:Cabela's Premium 7-in-1 Smoker/Cooker

And finally for $240.94 from Cabela's:
Cabela's Premium Stainless Steel 7-in-1 ........fryer/boiling pot and perforated basket.

Does anyone have any personal experience with any of these three?

Thanks for all your help so far; it has taken me to here!

Somewhere out there is a pastrami whose days are numbered.
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Welcome fchammer -

I have the Brinkmann All-In-One and I fry turkeys make 5 gallon batches of of beer, simmer serveral hundred meatballs and sauce for partys and smoke on it to. It makes a pretty good grill if you drop down to the botton coal pan and a grate and the cover. I smoke with charcoal on it because I love the charcoal taste, but you could use do propane or electric too. I beleive the electric coil thing is separate like $30 from that place.
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i have an upright regular piano that was made by a player only co. in 1915- i gotta find the name but it's 1 of3 custom orders... i'd love some expertise when i get the info for you.
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Hi fchammer1!...Welcome to the SMF!...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif...Glad to have you aboard!...You're gonna love it here!...

Until later...
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Welcome fchammer1, you're gonna love it here! All three of those units look like good choices... but I have no experience with gas... I'm a charcoal and stick kinda guy.

Good luck!
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Welcome to the SMF Familyicon_exclaim.gif
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