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Check out my new smoker!

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This is a custom built smoker that will be here in about two weeks! I cant wait!!!!!! Gonna hit some fairs and festivals next year. Meanwhile I will be catering some this winter.
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Looks beautiful, Tex! I look forward to additional pics when you take possession.
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Yikes! That's a portable kitchen! Congrats that's a nice looking unit. Can't wait to see the smoke!
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Looks great!!!
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Is there such a thing as Smoker Envy ???
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Wow! That's a nice one! Sink and all.icon_smile.gif
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Put a roof on it and you could move out of your house!
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I think I'm in love - is she married?? Now you're gonna be smokin, washin, and cookin with gas all at the same time.. heck throw in a washing machine and dryer and you'll have a mobile home.

Great deal XTexan. Looking forward to many more pics to come.
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Uhhhh ......XTexan, you want to adopt a 40 yr old kid. I'll keep the trailer lookin real nice and purty. That things nicer then my kitchen!!!
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Aye, people will be paying you to move in.

Have smoker ....will travel......icon_smile.gif
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That is a nice lookin rig you got there xtexan.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif What is going to be your first smoke to christen that bad boy.
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Sweet lookin rig you got yourself. When you turn it up a notch you really turn it up. Lookin forward to hearing about your adventures with it.
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Stay outta Ann Arbor, that's MY ground...hehehe

Nice unit, eh!

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Man...I am new to this but like WOW that thing gotta HEMI ? Nice unit for sure!
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Nice looking rig! I don't know if I could cook on something that purty! All of my stuff is old and ugly! lol...

Who built it?

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Makes my little rust bucket look like a old beer can.
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Very nice looking rig you got there XTexan.
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Excellent smoker, you won't be getting any sleep for a time, I know I wouldn'tPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Sweeeeet Rig
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What everyone else said .......... PDT_Armataz_01_22.gif
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