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I do all of my smoking in my backyard (what there is of one).

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Wow. Back in 2001 I was in an Australian chat room for some reason and I seen this screen name. Not really sure but i liked it and starting using it.
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Well I'm a backwoods, backwards, barefooted hillbilly, and I'm Canadian. Thus HILLBILY CANUCK!!
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My friends say I do things like a neanderthal caveman so they nicknamed me Cromag as in Cro-Magnon

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C farmer--— cattle farmer
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disturbed 1 its pretty much self explanatory LOL

but it was a toss up the latinos where i work  call me el diablo

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I live in an area south of Detroit that is called "Downriver" meaning just that. It's on the downward end of the

Detroit River. My nickname has been Doc for quite some time. Over 40 years. Can't really say where that

came from! Hence DownriverDoc. I use that on the net in various forums and online poker sights and such.

People usually ask me what kind of doctor I am. lol

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The way I came up with my screen name was some times when I would grill I would wonder off drinking a cold one, easy to picture what would happen, ( lol)  my kids would yell at me yes lookout fire . It just it fits when I love smoking meat.

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It's a little weird but back in high school (I graduated in '86) some football teammates were in algebra class coming up with Spanish slang nicknames for other teammates. My girlfriend at the time would sometimes call me her big Teddy bear. I wont explain that. But anyway "Oso" means bear. Our coaches use to get me confused with another player named Bobby. Bob. Bob ISO at first. Bob the bear. The Mexican slang is "baboso" meaning stupid person or literally retarded. Our nicknames were cruel I guess but only meant jokingly. And it kinda morphed into Boboso from there. Was even taped to my locker in school. It just kinda stuck.
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That should read Bob Oso. Not Bob ISO.
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That should read Bob Oso. Not Bob ISO.
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I was given the name from life long friends who nicknames are, Kojak, Starvos, Spic, Burt, and The Big Kahuna. We have a men only 4 day weekend, every September at the beach and we eat and party and party and eat. Then we go boating.

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I see the X-Rated side to everything first then I focus on how much it needs cleaned up for the specific involvement
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...and I love a good rub on my meat. :)
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My screen name has been the same for eons, since before I met my husband. I use it just about everywhere I go online. It's kind of my trademark, but without the expensive fees that come with a real one. lol!

If you REALLY want to know... and it will sound insane... but the first time I used it was in a Harry Potter forum for adults. I was trying to come up with a flower name (most of the girls in the book have flower names) and another word to indicate where I come from. I'm an American Southerner through and through. It was originally magnoliasoutherly and I still use it sometimes, but that one often exceeds the restricted number of characters for user names, so it has morphed into simply magnoliasouth.

BTW, if anyone is interested (and again, it sounds insane) but I met my husband there at that same site. We've been together now for over ten years and still act like newlyweds! biggrin.gif

Oh and yes, we were what we referred to as 'adult adolescents'. Maybe it was all a mid-life crisis, for us, at the time, but we've never been happier in our entire lives.
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My screen name is simply a play on words "Chain Smoker".  ;)


Happiness is cooking meat!

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I make self bows, and when I started out on the Internet, my bow was made of wild southern cherrywood. (and I live in the ozarks)
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Mine is rosco09 that is my dogs name 09 is went I got I had a liver transplant in 4/15/09 and him on 9/09/09 he has been a great pal

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When I was 17 18 years old I worked in a junkyard pulling parts. When I got home from work I would be all covered in grease, oil and dirt. My best friend started calling me Pennzoil then it got to Pennz. Its been my nickname since lol. 

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