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I fish alot and target Flounder,for those that might not know,flounder has two eyes on same side of head.Hence the name two-eyes-up,My boat call name is also two-eyes-up.
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Trailers for sale or rent.
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Rooms to let... fifty cents.
No phone, no pool, no pets
I ain't got no cigarettes
Ah, but... two hours of pushin' broom
Buys an eight by twelve four-bit room
I'm a man of means by no means
King of the road.
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Did I get it right?
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My wife and I met and lived in Gainesville Florida. She is a UF graduate.
One of our favorite things to do together is to camp. We belong to a camping club, Florida Pop Up Campers, and we needed a handle for the forum. Hence GatorCamper. Below are a few pics.

Friends of Florida Pop Up Campers waiting for Saturday evening pot luck dinner. We are going to do a Dutch Oven Pot Luck dinner in a few months.
This month I'll be smoking a 10 lb Brisket and the Wicked Backed Beans in the Dutch Oven. I'll do some pics.

My brotherinlaw, sisterinlaw and wife in blue.
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I have hunted geese for over 30 years and have been lucky enough to get a few bands (metal bracelets placed on the legs of geese and ducks to track their migration routes and patterns) from various parts of North America.....thus the name BandCollector.

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Yes sir!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I am a freelance trombone player. Often in trombone music, you come across the words "Sans Sord.", short for "sans sordino." A "sordino" is a trombone mute and "sans" means "without," so "sans sord" means "without mute" - play out loud. I figured for a forum name, "no mute" would be a good moniker. So, I use Sanssord any time I sign up for a forum.
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Amongst many pleasures in life, cigars and BBQ are are high on my list of favorites.

Smoking a good cigar while tending to the smoker is a great way to spend some time. I couldn't figure out how to slip beer into the screen name or I would have.
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SixPack... Thats how many beers I drank while trying to find a name that was not taken already.cool.gif
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We lived in Vegas for three years and loved it! Frak came from my friends father many years ago for unexplainable reasons. Some how the two just fit together as a cool screen name for my latest online excursions....
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I fly fish (a Lot) and my last name is Fairweather Military short form for weather is WX soooooooooooooo = FlyfishFairwx...
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My screen name??? Simple, I'm not very creative!!!
Obviously, it's a take off from "Rambo" and it should be fairly easy to tell what my first name really is! I wear army jackets quite a bit and I consider myself a rogue of sorts. When I come to a fork in the road I usually take the high road and never stop until I see what's around the next bend (it's the hunter instinct in me).
And just like Rambo,I love guns and sometimes you have to run things past me a couple of times before the light comes on....
Oh, and I am not afraid to ask stupid questions.....See any similarities????
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I'm Steve. When I was young, I WAS big. Now that I'm old, "fat" describes it better.

I picked "BIG" for nostalgic reasons.

But I'm still in shape! Round is a shape......
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Well its pretty simple. Im a meat hunter. Always for meat, never for horn. If it has a nice rack, well then thats a bonus. I always say, if I want a trophy, I'd join a bowling leauge. Yes there are some pretty creative names here and a bunch of really good avitars.
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I am a retired basketball coach. Coached a team for years whose school colors were Red and White, so "seein' red" seemed like a great display of team spirit.
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The "BIG" comes from the fact that I am 6'5" tall and weigh 325lbs... The "TRAIN" is not a clue! Maybe cuz I am as big as a caboose! HAHA

Great Thread!
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Mine was a no brainer. My initials ar JB, I've been keeping bees for the past 25 years, and of course I like the obvious.
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My wife is from the Philippines and baboy is Tagalog for pig.
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Mine is a shortened version of the user name I used to use that was computer2slow. That came from when I first got online. I had a 133mhz with 32mb of ram which was slow but I also had 28.8 dialup. Sp computer2slow was born. After being on forums when other would reply they used c2s instead of computer2slow since it was easier to type and here I am as c2s.
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