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How did you come up with your screen name? - Page 105

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wow VERY cool....and where might a European buy this one day?

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Building website as we speak. Where in Europe?
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I'm a retired K-9 trainer.I imported a dog over from Czecheslovakia a while back(now deceased)

 I nick named him Czech Boy.Best dog(Shepherd) I ever had in 40 years of raising and training  German Shepherds. Renestacked-Good2.jpg 19k .jpg file

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First two letters are my initials (John Vincent) and the last letters are the mispronounced British version of Huallachain, the Gaelic spelling of my last name.

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My last name is King and I played baseball and have a lot of friends that follow sports in general way too much. They gave me the nickname...has a good ring to it

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501st parachute infantry regiment
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Canadian and longtime fan of the Earnhardts, Sr. #3, Jr. #8

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At work we designated three guys as our Three Stooges. Bob, Randy, and Weggie.I was an honorary Stooge(kind of like Shemp), and when a vindictive sergeant switched my post one day away from my fellow Stooges, I looked him in the eye and said, "Ahhh, sabatoogie!"like Curly. I was in trouble!
It was Sabatoogie from there after. At retirement, we had a Sabatoogie eulogy.
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Me? I'm an Anglican Priest from just outside Brooklyn NY.  Da Fadda = "The Father" in Brooklynese

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Mine was from a customer actually. I experimented with multipul flavors and studying the human palate. Getting a balance in our rubs and sauces I had a customer come up at a show a say Brother this sauce is the boss. So It just fit . I also love alot of you guys screen names as well. Im new to the forum and look forward to meeting some great folks on here.
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Mine is an amalgam of my last name. When I married my wife we decided to use both last names as our joined last name. Bumgardner Bergman.
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Well back when i got my frist computer back in the late 80's i was setting and try to find a good name and then i looked down at my watch and the name on it said aquatech and that was what i used.

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I am a 6'-7" guy and I smoke meat. Tallguysmokin.
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Well, I tend to enjoy the same things as my southern brethren (NASCAR, hunting, fishing, shade tree truck repair, etc...) but I reside in the snowy northeast.  I tend to make simple password phrases, sometimes dropping vowels or replacing them with special characters.  So I took a comment my cousin made about me, dropped the vowels and the rest is history.

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My favorite quote from one of my favorite movies by one of the coolest actors who ever lived. ~Lt. Col. Bill Kilgore (Robert Duvall). Apocalypse Now!
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