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I played hockey for many years on a team named the Landsharks.  I wore #21, thus Lshark21

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Pretty simple. My boat make is intruder.
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Bought a used boat, and it had the name Melikou painted on the transome....bought it from the son of the original owner who had passed away. His son didn't know where he came up with the name.


I like it because the only reference I could find at the time via Google was that Melikou is French spelling of an ancient Hebrew name. So whenever I use it as a Username, it's always available. 

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I has pest control company in Florida. License plate was bugofff
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Im just the bigkauna around my place.
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i came up with my name by taking the first letter of my first name, D, and the first couple letters from my last name, ryds, and I was born on the 27th. so a combination of a couple of things. 

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Well lets see.


Back in the day I worked for dishnet. I trained install and service techs in my area. I wound up in the sat hacking community in its early conceptions, but even then was smoking and grilling meats. One night a friend who was a fire-fighter and I were prep-ping to burn some steaks and I popped the propane grill.  Once my eyebrows stopped smoking he named me Four20 and I have used that handle for the last 18 yrs. My wife painted me some eyebrows daily for a month, but I am glad to report to yall they have grown back, 

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Hughes is my middle name and I ride a CBR 600F4i. . . .
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Originally Posted by hueyf4i View Post

Hughes is my middle name and I ride a CBR 600F4i. . . .

Nice Huey!  I've got a 600F2 and a 900RR!



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I live in NY.  I am a Bad Golfer, but do not let that stop me.

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I moved to a high school where I knew nobody, the first bloke I sat next to (subsequently was expelled<3 months later) asked "so what's your name?" I said Justin, he said "my brother has a mate called Justin, they call him Juddy... I'm going to call you Juddy". So that nick name has stuck for the better part of 20 years.


 Judanero came from a Simpsons episode where there was a car called the "Canyanero", that damn song randomly pops into my head.

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My screen name is made from my 105lb black lab named Riley .he is a great companion.
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I built a plane and was just finishing it when I joined this forum. Flyboy was suggested by a friend so I added the state

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Well, this a smoking site and I have been a Star Wars and mostly a Darth Vader fan, ever since I can remember. So Smokingvader works for me. Thanks for a great site.icon14.gif
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I'm a trucker, hence the name.

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I work for a company called Alpha Vac System Inc where I'm the Alpha Dog :D

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I like the song, Sinchronicity II.  Not the same spelling, but you know it when you see it.

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Man nexr door always called me nabor, so​ I  called myself nabor25

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Ron in Ohio Sez:


(First posting after many months of trying to find my old set-up and finally creating a new one)


For me, the user name came from not being able to use my usual user name, "Hoosier Ron in Ohio" which is actually a shortened version of "Ron - Hoosier born, Southern raised, now in Ohio"


My personal pic. comes from my other passion, the growing of hot peppers and my making hot sauces from them. The pic. is from my Naga Morich hot sauce, "Naggin' Wife."

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My screen name?  

Because I live in Vajinya... Some like to call it Virginia, but what do they know. :icon_lol:



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