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A few years back when I was riding a bicycle 2, 3, 4 thousand miles a year this was my bicycle club name.

alf =my initials, byk = bike, rdr = rider. Still ride but not that much anymore. Just got the smoke and only done one cooking but that is just the start.

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My Dad had a Grocery Store in Syracuse NY(Strathmore Market) and was noted for  his Italian Sausage. I have been making his sausage for the past 60 years. I have a food truck called THE BOSS "BILL'S ORIGINAL SYRACUSE SAUSAGE"


My wife and I came up with the name one day while sipping some wine in our hot tub.  

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About 6 years ago, my oldest son moved to New Orleans. In visiting multiple times, I fell in love with the place. So much so that I even have a New Orleans tattoo, with a fleur de lis and a crawfish.

So I like to use the Cajun spelling of my name - jimbeaux.

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"southpawjab" Boxed for seven yrs. when i was much younger, like 32 yrs. ago!!! that's the jab part and yes I'm a lefty. Which i hear are the best smokers!!  haha. New at smoking meat and forums....

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Hello, I moved from New Hampshire to Savannah, GA in 2001, but I always get recognized for the Yankee that I proudly am because I insist that a deliciously smoked Boston butt roast should be sliced and savored, and not shredded and drowned in bbq sauce!

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I don't remember if I've responded on this post or not and I'm not going to read through 100+ pages to find out, but since it was part of the "update" email I just got, figured I would put it out there. :icon_wink:


Mine is a combination of all the state's I've lived in, in the order I have lived in them. :icon_biggrin:

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I make my living in the outdoors as a guide for fishing and hunting.

Everyone keeps telling me I don't work, all I do is play, so when trying to come up with a handle for all of my outdoor adventuress Outdoorplay just fits the best. 


if you like to hunt and fish fill free to check out my we site were I write how to articles for newer outdoorsmen www.alltheoutdoors.com/the-know-how.html 

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I just read the boar hunting article. that's pretty good stuff.

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Hey exnavvydiver, diverboss here, also 21 years as a Navy Deep Sea Diver. 



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My name comes from my first name and the helicopter I flew in the Air Force, MH-53M.


I've got 26 in the Air Force and 22 on the MH-53.

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Xena= the name I was given as a role player in hands on police combat training

Tuba= what I play in concert and marching bands


XenaTuba= a retired deputy sheriff who toots her own horn.

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Pretty simple. I like to smoke meat low and slow. But I prefer a cut with a bone in it. The sweeter the meat the closer to the bone. And my first name starts with a T.
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Big Gut....lol

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I spent 8 years in the Coast Guard and 17 years in the Air Force.  Way back during CG boot camp, 1970, toward the end of boot they let us go to the USO in town one weekend for a dance.  Place had a lot of women.  I got a lot of kisses that night.  I was surprised the other troops didn't call be DA PRINCE.....

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I've been a golf pro since the mid 1960s and one of my jobs as an assistant early in my career my boss was Big Pro and I was Little Pro. For two reasons, he was the boss and I was his assistant and he was 6'4" small forward and I was 5"11" point guard. Many of my old friends from back then still call me Little Pro. Some have shortened it to Pro.


Today I'm semi-retired and not so much acting as a golf pro as I am a clubfitting pro, and I am old. I'm a bit of a mentor for many clubfitters around the world. I've achieved Master of Gold Club Technology Status and been selected by Golf Digest as one of America's best clubfitters and Little Pro doesn't quite fit my image any more and some of the refer to me as "The Old Pro" from time to time.  

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Wannabee heavy metal guitarist for 30+ years.
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Capt- captain morgan is the drink of choice
Smokn- I like to be smoking some good Q
Sparky- I am an electrician
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Well.......................long story...........................

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I'm a homebrewer of beer.  My neighbor called me beerguy.  I like cask ales, so realbeerguy is my name on the beer forums & here.

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