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Is that a falcon???

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Originally Posted by Hydrostan View Post

Is that a falcon???

 "Tampa Bay Buccaneers"

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Anyone ever seen the movie super troopers? Thats where the name comes from. If you havent seen it id highly recommend it. 


- Team Ramrod 

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Long story short: my wife & i met in alaska 21 years ago, got married and built a cabin off the grid. Last half of our last name is field. Hence the name " cabinfields".
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I had been using Samus_Aran as an IRC nick back in my teens (despite being a guy) and shortened it to just Aran when I registered for a car forum back in... 2004? It just kind of stuck.

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I make turkey calls.

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If that is a picture of one of your calls callmaker60, you do a great job!

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I make turkey calls.


Yes, made that one, thanks.  The Lord gave me a gift and helps me make them.

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Agree and agree

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i shot a lot of trap and if you miss your last bird the puller will call lost and out

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Nothing exciting about my screen name just my middle name and part of my last name. I'm a newbie but really enjoying the daily news from you all.

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Back in 1960 I had a '56 Buick Century Convertible - a real girl magnet. I named it Moonlight Gambler from a song title. When I started CB I used that handle. Since then I fell in love with the Kenny Rogers song "The Gambler" and Texas Hold 'em and every handle since has something to do with the gamblin' moniker. For example in on line poker rooms I use lgambler - sometimes the 'l' is for 'lucky',:drool but most times it's for 'loser'.:th_crybaby2: 

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I rode motorcycles for quite a while and my favorite motorcycles have long been Suzuki's GSXR series which are better known as Gixxers.
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My screen name is Bigotter. I lived on my sailboat for 25 years, The name of the boat was BIG OTTER.

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Well this is a smoking forum and I am a Deputy Aka "pig" and my favorite number is 13. I figure if ya can't beat'em join'em. Lol
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Originally Posted by DEER MEAT View Post

Hello all,

I have been wondering about everyones screen names. Some seem obvious, some seem off the wall, some are funny...etc....etc.. How did you come up with them? What is the story behind that name?

I guess I will start. A year or so ago, I was looking for some different ways to prepare venison. I was on the computer searching for recipes for what seemed like weeks. I would tell my wife, check this recipe out.......hey how about this one..........this sounds good to.
After a few weeks of this she said "all you ever talk about is Deer Meat, Deer Meat, Deer Meat". During this internet searching period I stumbled across SMF and lurked in the background for a day or so and then decided to join. As I sat there thinking of a screen name, I recalled why I was here in the first place and started to laugh to myself about what my wife said about me and the Deer Meat. So that is when the light came on and the name DEER MEAT was born.

If you read this I hope you are still awake, sorry for the rambling.

I thought this might be an interesting thread.

 One of my other hobbies is building old historic wooden ships.  A Lazeretto was (one definition)  a part of a ship used for quarantine or for detention. 

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Last name is Brogan and I like to smoke. So I'm SmokingBro.

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At 45 I'm not a kid anymore. Still try to act that age sometimes. From South Dakota, so I came up with SDkid....

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Well i've been in computer gaming since i was a kid started with pong my son became real good with cpu's and played games with him and he help me come up with the screen name have used it ever since 88 

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Simply because I make a bit of damascus steel. I think we aren't supposed to post links but you can Google Matt Walker damascus to see some examples.

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