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I'm a blacksmith and used to live in Guinea, Gloucester County, Virginia. Lot of the folks down Guinea way are watermen, and most of us wore the ubiquitous white rubber boots. A buddy of mine recommended White Boots Forge as the name of my shop, and it stuck.
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Bigace is from the bike i ride, a Honda Shadow ACE and im a Big guy so you got BigAce here!!

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The initials of my name are K R S = Curse

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I work at FedEx, Smoke

on the weekends and eat more than I should.

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I'm 6-6 and almost 300lbs of weightlifting mass, my name was a joke given to me
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Me gusta la caza!

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I am a refrigeration and HVAC Mechanic and serviced ultralow temperature equipment. My UA Local number is 787....thus ultralow787! It also applies to smoking meat...ultralow and slow!

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:icon_razz:Big Robin Williams fan, so that probably had something to do with it.

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I live in south Louisiana where Cajuns abound. Cajuns can be very funny in ways only a Cajun understands. I love Cajun humor and there's a fellow down here named Johnny Hoffman who tells Cajun stories. His stories feature "Uncle Noon". We tell and retell these "Uncle Noon" jokes. I call myself Uncle Noon as a tribute to Johnny Hoffman and Cajuns around the world.
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My real name is Andrew -> Drew.  Way back in another life there may or may not have been some Dungeon and Dragons played, and I may or may not have been a Druid type character.  There also may or may not have been a short time when people referred to themselves in the third person, so I thought it would be funny to refer to myself in the past tense.  Andrewed sounded too much like And Druid, so it go shortened to just Drewed (druid.) The past tense of being Drew.


Ok, if it takes that much explanation it is way to complicated.

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My prowess on the 3d range and the comradert of the guys at the club is what led to 12-ringer (they gave it to me) ...played on it ever since my mid 20's - eventually into 12-Ring Game Cams (RingerCams) and the12-ring.com in 08'.



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Mine came from riding dirt bikes in the early 90's and my bike was a YZ 250.
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I had to come up with a screen name not already used so it is Tundra.  I own a 2007 Toyota Tundra truck !

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Coho is the local Native dialect here in the Northwest for the Silver Salmon. I also put "King" into it for the King Salmon (Chinook). I love all salt water salmon, and love to BBQ them (not smoke them to death for preserving them). 

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I managed a program with my State Fish and Game Dept. for over 20 years giving away over 37,000 pounds of game meat.  We utilized fresh road kills, poached animals and donated animals.  All of the meat went to needy families in the local area. I am proud to be a ROAD KILL, lol.

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Two fold the first is easy my name the second seemed appropriate. When growing up many years ago and you heard your mother yell Randall Lee off the front porch you knew your BUTT was done!

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Played a game online with My ex Brother in law, WOW, they kept flagging my screen name so as not being appropriate and they said it needed to be more medieval.  Being fed up with it I searched on google for medieval names.  I found one name Blathnac that one horse was named in the dark ages.  So there it is.  Blathnac was reborn.

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Incase anyone didn't know... The Forever Classic



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Mine is pretty straight forward, I have an Engineering degree and have been practicing for 20 years. I have been criticized, usually by my wife, that I take an Engineering approach to any and everything that I possibly can even the raising of our daughter. Needless to say I also apply as much Engineering to my smoking as I possible can in an attempt to make my results reproducible and avoid making the same mistake twice. Some are trained to be an Engineer and for some it is a "calling" (similar to that of the church) that can be recognized very early in adolescence. For me it was definitely the latter.


Just received a Weber Rocky Mountain Smoker for my birthday and will be breaking it in this weekend with some ribs...really excited!


My best to you all!

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That's awesome!!!


I spent many many hours on that game and it holds a special place in my heart. Nice choice.

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